This Japanese ramen chain is an introvert’s dream

This Japanese ramen chain is an introvert’s dream
Iris Jung
October 21, 2022
A TikToker filmed himself ordering at a no-talk ramen restaurant in Japan, showing that you don’t need to speak Japanese to eat out there.
Jin from Japan, a TikTok creator living in the East Asia island country, has received over 5 million views and a million likes for his video documenting his experience at a restaurant to show that Japan can be “English-friendly” for potential tourists. The video was uploaded on Oct. 6 as a part of his “Things that make sense in Japan” series on TikTok.
“In this palace, you don’t need to talk to anyone till you leave,” Jin writes in his video. 
He shows that after ordering from an electronic panel, customers are given an isolated seat at a booth. Upon personalizing your ramen by filling out an order sheet, the ramen is prepared and placed on a table in front of you, followed by a server’s deep bow.
If you need to say something but don’t want to speak, there are wooden tablets with basic requests written on them in both English and Japanese. “You can make these requests by giving these wooden plates,” reads the video’s text while Jin shows a couple of tablets. 
“I did not have to speak any Japanese or even words in my entire stay,” he concludes at the end of his video.
In the comment section of his viral video, users dubbed the eatery as an “introvert restaurant” or “heaven,” expressing that it’s perfect for those who are introverts or have social anxiety. 
“It’s the isolated seat for me. Introverts heaven,” another user commented. 
Many TikTok users appreciated the video and expressed the importance of being able to communicate without knowledge of a country’s native language.
“I would adore for a Ramen restaurant like this to exist near where I live,” wrote one user. “Great price, respect, privacy & delicious food – doesn’t get better!” 
“This should be in every country, [especially] for people who are struggling with new language,” another commenter expressed. 
Known as Ichiran Ramen, the restaurant chain boasts locations in Japan, New York City, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Featured Image via @jinfromjapan
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