Singaporean Man Telling Chinese Worker to ‘Go Back to Your Country’ Goes Viral Again

Singaporean Man Telling Chinese Worker to ‘Go Back to Your Country’ Goes Viral Again
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June 21, 2018
A video of a Singaporean man berating a Chinese woman working at a food court for not being able to speak English has resurfaced and been making the rounds on the internet.
The video was originally uploaded to YouTube in 2014 but was only recently shared on the Singapore Peasant Facebook page on June 13, and has since garnered more than 124,000 views and 1,400 shares.
In the clip, the Singaporean man can be heard telling the Chinese employee, “You have to speak English, OK? Don’t ask me to speak Mandarin, OK?”
“You’ve come to Singapore. This is my country. I am Singaporean. You must learn how to speak a bit of English,” he added in English and Mandarin.
“Here, we have another problem with the government policy of bringing in foreign workers. In this case this lady is from China and she cannot understand English. I’m just trying to get her to separate [the order],” the man continued. “Go back to your country … This is my country.”
“Are there only Singaporeans here? Singapore welcomes people from all over the world,” the woman says in Mandarin as she continues doing her job.
The video ends with the man saying, “This is another case of the government’s law, bringing in foreigners and giving us Singaporeans trouble.”
According to South China Morning Post, the video was widely shared on Chinese social media, with some siding with the man, and others calling him out for bullying the female server.
“Forcing her to speak English — where does his sense of superiority come from?” one netizen commented.
“If this is a case of government failed policy, then blame the government and leave the lady alone,” another commenter said.
“This is bullying, you wouldn’t want Singaporeans who work overseas to get such treatment by their locals, would you?”
Singapore, which has a population of ethnic Chinese, Malays, and Indians, has four official languages — Malay, English, Mandarin, and Tamil.
Featured Image via YouTube / Stefan L
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