Woman Allegedly Mocks Asian Waiter Because He ‘Couldn’t Speak English’

Woman Allegedly Mocks Asian Waiter Because He ‘Couldn’t Speak English’
Carl Samson
November 5, 2018
A woman who spewed racist remarks at an Asian waiter who “couldn’t speak English” is beginning to get on people’s nerves after a video went viral on Twitter.
The incident occurred at an unidentified Gran Ranchero outlet a few days after Halloween.
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A journalism student named Jaida filmed the scene and shared it later that night on Twitter.
According to Jaida, her father first heard the group of women mocking their water because he “couldn’t speak English” and sounded like foreign Asians.
Jaida’s father, a Black man, was offended because he is married to a Japanese woman — making Jaida just as furious about it.
“So me and my dad decided to record her and as you can see, she didn’t care that she was being recorded being blatantly racist,” Jaida tweeted.
In the video, one of the women are seen doing a mock Asian accent while looking at the camera.
At one point, Jaida overheard the woman’s friends worrying about being recorded, with one saying, “Think about what they could do with that video.”
The situation escalated when one of the womens’ father, according to Jaida, confronted her and her father before getting righteously served when they revealed why they were upset.
“I told him I cared cause I’m half Asian and he pointed the camera at my dad and my dad said ‘My wife is Japanese,’” Jaida wrote. “He was clearly stumped and one of his friends/another one of the girls’ dads came over to take him back to the table he came from.”
A family sitting next to Jaida and her father then offered help.
Jaida concluded her thread with a call for anyone who knew the woman to “put her in check.” She also shared an “extended cut” of the woman mocking the waiter right after speaking to him.
“If you know her, put her in check or don’t be friends with her at all. Cause she clearly doesn’t care if she’s offending people,” Jaida wrote. “It’s mfing 2018, and she’s ok with blatant racism? Nah. That’s not gonna fly anymore. DON’T let that fly anymore.”
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Jaida’s thread has received hundreds of likes and retweets since its posting.
One user, @RyderDelavern, came forward to defend the woman in the video, claiming that she “doesn’t have a racist bone in her body” and was only doing “something from an SNL skit.”
In response, Jaida schooled the user about the importance of context.
The rest felt sorry for what Jaida witnessed.
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