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Weird Superstitions Your Asian Parents Probably Told You Growing Up

asian superstition

Asian parents know how to strike fear and guilt into their children’s hearts unlike any other parents, we really don’t give them enough credit for all of those creative threats and superstitions they’ve raised us on.

Somehow they seem to have a weird saying for every situation: don’t shake your leg, don’t keep the fan on, don’t whistle at night. Let’s be real, all of these superstitions were essentially manipulative ways to get us to stop a habit they didn’t like. Even as adults, many Asians will never fully get these words out of their minds.

Young Kim Becomes First Korean-American Woman to Join U.S. House of Representatives

young kim

History was made yesterday during the U.S. 2018 midterms when Young Kim, former State Legislator, became the first Korean-American woman to join the U.S. House of Representatives as well as be the first Korean-American member to serve in Congress.

In a very close race in California’s 39th district with 51.4% of votes against her opponent, Kim defeated Democrat Gil Cisneros who holds 48.6%, according to Yonhap News.

Mindy Kaling Slams Donald Trump’s Plan to Abolish Birthright Citizenship

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has come under fire for his plan to sign an executive order that aims to officially end birthright citizenship in America. One of the voices who expressed dissatisfaction with this plan is Indian-American Hollywood actress Mindy Kaling

Kaling, born from Indian immigrant parents who received green cards to live in the US, asked questions on her Twitter post on Tuesday, Oct. 31, on what will happen to her citizenship once this executive order gets signed.

Family Sues School District, Class Bullies After Student Left Hospitalized in Palos Verdes

The family of an eighth grader, who was attacked by bullies three times, is now suing the assailants as well as the Palos Verdes Intermediate School.

According to KTLA, Leo Lin and his family are now filing a lawsuit against the school district and his attackers over three assaults, two of which occurred in spring while the last one occurred last week and left him hospitalized.

Where Do Asians Stand in the Fight Against Racism in America?

In a racially charged nation, it can be difficult to see where Asian Americans stand in a national discourse on racism that seems black and white. With the unlawful assaults on the Black community and the administration’s harsh immigration legislations targeting people of color, Asian Americans need to enter the political discussion about where we stand in the fight against national racism.

In light of the violent outbursts that have occurred at Asian beauty supply stores and nail salons across the country, relationships between the Asian American and Black communities have been fraught with tension. In my own hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, an Asian beauty supply store employee was charged with assault and battery after being caught on video hitting a Black customer in the face.

Sheriff’s Review Board Finds K‌ill‌in‌‌g of Vietnamese American Student Carrying a Pen ‘Justified’

Twenty-year-old Vietnamese American student Tommy Le was shot d‌e‌a‌d by a King County sheriff’s deputy last year after a pen he was carrying was mistaken for a knife.

Deputy Cesar Molina along with Master P‌o‌li‌c‌e Officer Tanner Owens responded to reports that a man with a knife was threatening neighbors in the 13600 block of Third Avenue South in Burien in King County, Washington at around midnight on June 14, 2017.