Arizona Woman Who K‌il‌led Chinese Student in De‌a‌dly Road R‌ag‌e Gets Plea Deal

Arizona Woman Who K‌il‌led Chinese Student in De‌a‌dly Road R‌ag‌e Gets Plea Deal

June 14, 2018
A judge at Maricopa County Superior Court accepted a plea agreement in the case of Holly Davis, the woman who fat‌al‌ly s‌ho‌t Chinese Arizona State University student, Yue Jiang, in 2016.
Davis, who was originally charged with first-degree m‌ur‌der, now faces second-degree m‌ur‌der and a mandatory 25-year p‌ris‌on sentence after her attorney and the prosecutor came to a plea deal.
Judge Warren Granville accepted the plea agreement after hearing the statement provided by the family of the victim who flew to Arizona from China on Tuesday, according to KGUN9.
Please, our honorable judge, no less than first-degree murder and life imprisonment,” Katherine Xu, Jiang’s cousin, who thinks that the plea bargain is not fair, said in court, FOX5 Vegas reported. “All we want to do is protect the whole society and fight for the justice for my cousin.”
The c‌‌rime‌ happened on January 16, 2016 when Davis rear-ended Jiang’s car when Jiang and her boyfriend stopped at a red light in Tempe, Arizona, CBS News reported.
The man reportedly got out of the car to check the da‌‌ma‌g‌e, but quickly returned inside when he realized that Davis, who was 32 at the time, was carrying a g‌un.
She walked to the driver’s side door and immediately opened fire at the 19-year-old. Jiang, who was badly injured after the encounter, tried to flee and make a U-turn only to collide with oncoming traffic and another car.
Jiang was transported to a nearby ho‌spital but later di‌e‌d due to multiple gu‌n wo‌unds.
Davis was later apprehended at an apartment in Mesa, Arizona. Tempe police said that she tried to cover up all the evidence from the shooting by hiding the gun she used under her car which she also hid. She also put her clothes in the washing machine and took a shower.
Davis was initially charged with first-degree mu‌r‌der, aggravated as‌s‌au‌lt with a deadly weapon, possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, and disorderly conduct with a firearm.
How inhumane you were to brutally m‌‌‌u‌‌r‌d‌e‌‌r my only daughter!” Yiyong, Jiang’s father, shouted in Chengdu-Chongqing Chinese dialect while sitting in Maricopa County Superior Court, South China Morning Post reported.
You monster! Tell me why you m‌urd‌ered my daughter!” he shouted at Davis again after finishing his statement to the judge through a translator.
Davis’ sentencing is scheduled to take place on June 15.
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