Nail Salon Workers Lock Customers in Store After They Refuse to Pay

Nail Salon Workers Lock Customers in Store After They Refuse to Pay

August 9, 2018
Employees at a Vietnamese nail salon in Canada were forced to lock their front door to stop a group of dissatisfied customers from fleeing after they refused to pay for services.
Video posted online by Facebook user Sunny Gandhi shows a woman and her companion trying to leave the nail salon in Brampton, Ontario without paying.
“You dumb f***ing b**ch need to learn how to run a business. Nobody’s paying for this dumb sh*t,” one of the women said, and later yelling, “This is ridiculous! This is f***ing ridiculous! Holy sh*t!”
The other customer tried pulling the door open, but one of the salon workers was keeping the door shut from the outside. Another employee managed to contact the p‌‌oli‌c‌e and put the women in ha‌ndc‌uf‌fs later in the video.
A similar incident also occurred at a nail salon in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada where a woman was reportedly locked inside the store until p‌ol‌ic‌e arrived.
The customer received a $76 manicure but was dissatisfied with the work, and offered to pay half the amount.
That incident was also caught on film:
The two videos recorded in Canada follows a series of nail salon incidents that have occurred over the past couple of months.
A salon in New York was criticized earlier this week after a video of its employees be‌at‌in‌g customers with broomsticks and dustpans went viral.
In June, a woman was a‌rr‌es‌te‌d a few days after trashing a nail salon in Missouri and a customer in Florida was caught on camera spouting racist remarks at a nail technician.
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