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Academy Museum offers viewers rare chance to see acting legend Anna May Wong’s movies on the big screen

Chinese American acting legend Anna May Wong

What is Asian representation in Hollywood? That’s the question the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles was faced with when it decided to host the film series “Beyond the Icon: Anna May Wong.”

From now until Nov. 27, the museum is honoring Anna May Wong — Gemma Chan’s iconic style influence at the Met Gala earlier this year — as the first Chinese American star in Hollywood. The series will feature some of Wong’s greatest works such as “The Toll of the Sea,” in which she landed her first lead role. The film will be shown on Nov. 20 at 7:30 p.m.

Allegation of Black actor being removed from ‘Dune’ movie poster for China is disproven

dune media

Different variations of the “Dune” poster have ignited a controversy surrounding Chinese audiences and media portrayals.

The initial claims: Earlier reports claimed that Black actor Sharon Duncan-Brewster was removed from the poster of “Dune” in China and replaced with Taiwanese actor Chang Chen; but the conversation grew more complicated as this was proven to be mostly untrue.

63-Year-Old Actress Chen Meifen is Being Called ‘Taiwan’s Hottest Auntie’

Chen Meifeng

A popular actress in Taiwan has won hearts online for her age-defying beauty at age 63, proving yet again that “Asian don’t raisin.”

Chen Meifen has been gaining fans around the world as images of her youthful appearance continue to be widely shared on social media. Her fans online have named her Taiwan’s most beautiful “Obasan,” which is a Japanese term for auntie.