Japanese Actress Sei Ashina Dies of Suspected Suicide at Age 36

Japanese Actress Sei Ashina Dies of Suspected Suicide at Age 36
Ryan General
September 17, 2020
Japanese actress Sei Ashina, known outside of Japan for her role in the 2007 film “Silk,” was found dead in her Tokyo apartment on Monday. 
Cause of death: Ashina died at age 36 following what investigators believe to be a suicide, reports Deadline.
  • It was the actress’ brother who found her lifeless body.
  • She reportedly failed to return her brother’s calls and messages so he checked up on her.
  • Investigators did not find any note that would reveal clues to her suicide.
Ashina’s career: Ashina, who has over 70 acting credits under her name on IMDb, began her career in television in the 2002 drama “The Tail of Happiness” (“Shiawase no Shippo”).
  • Ashina started out as a model before landing her first acting gig, Variety reports. 
  • While she has been featured in multiple international projects, many consider her acting stint on “Silk” to be her most memorable role outside of Japan.
  • Among her credits include TV series “Nanase: The Psychic Wanderers,” “Aibo: Tokyo Detective Duo,” “The Emperor’s Cook,” “Daisy Luck,” “Hand of God” as well as this year’s “Theseus no fune” (“Ship of Theseus”) and “AI Hokai” (“AI Amok”).
  • In a statement, Ashina’s talent agency praised her kindness, noting that her relatives and former co-workers are in deep sorrow over her passing.
Feature Image (left) via coolkidxje, (right) The Movie Planet
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