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Couple’s Horrifying Video Reveals Every Hotel Guest’s Worst Nightmare

It’s a nightmare come true: waking up in your hotel bed to see an endless stream of bed bugs scurrying away to hide and rashes all over your body left from their bites. A new video shows that the nightmare actually happened to one couple who stayed at a hotel in New York City’s Upper West Side.

The video was filmed by a male guest staying in room 509 at the Astor on the Park hotel, located across Central Park. He can be seen separating the mattress’ ridges to reveal mound after mound of bed bugs, each of which he declares are “the size of your pinkie nail.”

Man Poses as Target Rep, Epically Trolls Customers on Facebook

Last week, Target Corporation announced that its stores would be eliminating gender-based signs for their bedding and toy sections because of customer complaints that “raised important questions.”

At least some part of the complaints were stirred by a tweet that pointed out a store’s segregation of “Building Sets” and “Girls’ Building Sets” that went viral in June:

How Youtube Built a 1-Billion Monthly Viewer Empire

Just in time for the news that Youtube will be, in a smart marketing move, funding its own “premium” content starring its homegrown stars, is an infographic illustrating the marketing side of the video-streaming site’s evolution.

Today, Youtube receives over 1 billion unique visitors every month — consider that fact while keeping in mind that the entire world has 7 billion people currently living on it.

Jerry Seinfeld Just Threw Major Shade at The Entire YouTube Community

While Jerry Seinfeld’s latest rant won’t have many Youtubers laughing, is he only speaking a truth most of us already believe? Or is he just generationally out of touch and exhibiting a lack of forward-thinking?

Speaking at an Upfront for Sony streaming service Crackle yesterday, the 60-year-old comic legend called Google’s video-sharing site a “giant garbage can” for user-generated content.

Chinese Father Offers $1 Rides to Strangers to Pay for Son’s Leukemia Treatment

What would you do if a loved one was dangerously ill but there wasn’t enough money to treat them? How far would you go?

A man from the capital city of China’s Anhui province hit the streets to beg for money after his sick son’s leukemia treatment became too expensive to keep up. In order to collect the exorbitant amount needed to continue his son’s care, the father dons a horse mask and offers passersby a ride for 5 yuan ($1), according to Tencent.

This One Adidas Mistake May Have Cost Them the Chance to Be Bigger Than Nike

You never, ever doubt Michael Jordan. OK, maybe as an NBA team owner, but as a basketball player or a brand pitchman? Never. (OK, fine! … You doubt him if he’s sporting a Hitler ‘stache.)

Adidas made the mistake of doubting Jordan once, and the German sportswear company’s value today sits somewhere in the region of $5.8 billion, according to the most recent Forbes estimate. That doesn’t seem too bad at all — until you consider that Nike is valued at a staggering $16.5 billion. It’s a far, far distance between first and second place in the sportswear brand wars, and the chasm could arguably be chalked up to, singly, Air Jordan.

8 CEOs Who Became Self-Made Millionaires Before Turning 30 [Infographic]

A recent poll found that 70% of millennials expect to be millionaires one day — this, despite the fact that millennials have a poor reputation among hiring managers and are, on average, broke.

But there’s hope! Take some inspiration from the Essay.Expert infographic below highlighting eight entrepreneur CEOs who made their mega fortunes before reaching the big 3-0.