Woman Wears Wrong Shoes For Graduation, Breaks Record For Longest, Most Humiliating Fall

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” Marilyn Monroe is often attributed as saying.
So what happens when you give a girl the wrong shoes? She can conquer the world record for longest, most humiliating fall. All to the internet’s hilarity and delight, of course.
Wearing what appears to be a pair of unwieldy platform wedges, the young woman in the video above was recorded wobbling like a newborn baby giraffe for nearly 15 seconds before finally, mercifully, toppling over like a Jenga tower missing way too many bottom pieces.
Maybe the worst part of it all? It all happened at her high school graduation ceremony. Oh, the humanity!
Hopefully, the unfortunate young lady has chosen a college that’s out of state. I’ve heard Canada has a pretty good set of universities too. Come to think of it, maybe Mars will one day have an institution of higher learning?
h/t: Mashable
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