HOAX: Woman’s Heartwarming Walmart Story of Cashier’s Mom Committing Suicide is Fake

HOAX: Woman’s Heartwarming Walmart Story of Cashier’s Mom Committing Suicide is Fake
Alan Van
December 7, 2015

My Friday experience….. This will hit home…. You never know who’s fighting what battle. Watch what you say…..

Posted by Paige Yore on Friday, December 4, 2015

A Colorado woman’s viral story about her heartbreaking experience at a Walmart is untrue, according to the retail chain.
In a Facebook video viewed more than 23 million times, Paige Yore says she was in a checkout line after shopping at a downtown Pueblo Walmart when she noticed a teenaged male cashier was having a difficult time performing his duties.
“He can’t ring anything up, he can’t remember the codes, he’s taking deep breaths,” Yore recalled in the video.
Making it even worse for him, however, was another woman in front of Yore who was purportedly impatient and rude toward the young worker.
“‘You suck at customer service! I don’t know how you even got hired here!'” Yore said the woman yelled at him.
The woman’s abuse supposedly got worse when her card was declined. Yore says when she stuck up for the young man he came around the bagging area and, while sobbing, hugged Yore and told her: “Ma’am, my mom just committed suicide this morning. And I have to work because I have to pay our rent, and I have to pay our bills. And I don’t even have a mom anymore. And this lady is just yelling at me.”
In a response to a Denver7 inquiry on Monday, however, Walmart said the story was a fabrication.
“We have checked into this. It doesn’t seem like it is actually true,” Walmart spokespman Aaron Mullins told Denver7.
According to Mullins, Walmart investigated the incident, including reviewing surveillance video, after receiving calls about the young man talked about in the video.
While he says Yore can be seen shopping Walmart’s Pueblo store on Friday, “There was never a conversation about his mother. He never went around the bagging area and hugged her. He is in good health and his mother is in good health.”
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