Couple’s Horrifying Video Reveals Every Hotel Guest’s Worst Nightmare

Couple’s Horrifying Video Reveals Every Hotel Guest’s Worst NightmareCouple’s Horrifying Video Reveals Every Hotel Guest’s Worst Nightmare
Alan Van
January 5, 2016
It’s a nightmare come true: waking up in your hotel bed to see an endless stream of bed bugs scurrying away to hide and rashes all over your body left from their bites. A new video shows that the nightmare actually happened to one couple who stayed at a hotel in New York City’s Upper West Side.
The video was filmed by a male guest staying in room 509 at the Astor on the Park hotel, located across Central Park. He can be seen separating the mattress’ ridges to reveal mound after mound of bed bugs, each of which he declares are “the size of your pinkie nail.”
“This is no joke. We’re not staying in the Bronx. We’re not staying in Queens. We’re not staying in Brooklyn. This is Manhattan,” the man says in the video, adding that the room is the third the couple have been in.
This isn’t the first time guests at the hotel have complained of the hotel’s bed bug problems, as revealed by several online reviews found by Gothamist. In August 2011, one reviewer on TripAdvisor wrote of the hotel:
“I was eaten alive by bedbugs. I am not talking one or two bites, my whole arm looked like I was diseased. I was bitten by bedbugs in a grotty motel in Bangkok – this was worse. The staff at the counter seemed concerned, and for our second night the maintenance man came and gave the room and mattress a spray with some bug killer, and it appeared to help, I only got a few bites the second night.”
So far, the hotel has not addressed press inquiries regarding the video.
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