This 8-Year-Old Boy Skips Breakfast Everyday to Buy Lottery Tickets So That His Sick Father May Live

“Happiness is a state of mind” may be a cliche, but damned if it isn’t true. Our happiness is strongly tied to our thankfulness, and no matter what you’re going through, after reading this story, you will find something to have gratitude for.
An 8-year-old boy named Song Biyang from Hubei, China has spent almost five months skipping breakfast. Why? He’s been using the money he’s saved in order to buy lottery tickets in the hopes of winning it big — so that his sick father can get the kidney transplant he needs in order to live.
According to Xinhua, the boy’s grandmother would give him 2 rmb (approximately 32 cents) every day for breakfast, but instead of buying food, Song would walk to a local store where he was apparently allowed to buy lottery tickets.
Song’s dad is divorced and had to quit work due to his deteriorating health. The kidney transplant is expected to cost around 300,000 rmb (about $48,144), an exorbitant amount for such a poor family.
To appease his hunger, the boy said he would drink water to make himself feel full for school everyday.
Song’s efforts have been unsuccessful, as he’s only managed to win 10 yuan (less than $2) since he’s started.
When the boy’s shocked father learned of his son’s ploy, he tried telling him to stop to no avail. Since then, Song’s grandmother has been giving him 3 rmb (about 48 cents) every morning so that he can buy something to eat in addition to his lottery ticket.
Source: Shanghaiist
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