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China accuses Walmart of ‘stupidity’ for pulling Xinjiang products

Walmart XinJiang Controversy
  • Walmart is the latest Western brand to be caught up in controversy while attempting to navigate Chinese politics.
  • Chinese social media users accused Sam's Club, the warehouse retailer owned by Walmart, of removing all Xinjiang-sourced products from its app in the country last month.
  • Online criticism prompted a dispute between the Chinese Communist Party and Sam’s Club, and China accused Sam’s Club of "stupidity" and "shortsightedness."

Walmart is the latest Western brand to become caught up in controversy while attempting to navigate Chinese politics.

Claims on Chinese social media

Walmart Employee Calls Out ‘Racist’ Coworkers Over Speakers Before Quitting Job


A former Walmart employee in Lubbock, Texas went viral on social media for her resignation video where she called out her alleged “racist” and “perverted” coworkers over the loudspeaker.

Shana Ragland, who worked at the outlet on South Loop and Quaker, claims that her job as a “Cap 2” — which involves unloading trailers and organizing stock — made her “absolutely miserable” for nearly two years.

Filipino American Nurse Claims Woman Cut in Line, Spit on Him at Anaheim Walmart


A Filipino American man took to Facebook to expose a woman who allegedly spat on his face after he called her out for cutting the line outside a Walmart in Anaheim, California on Tuesday afternoon.

Ben Kadalim, who works as a psychiatric nurse, recalled how the woman and her male companion swooped in and pretended to know the man in front of him, casually asking “How’s the family?”

YouTuber Brings Walmart Employee to Tears After ‘Firing’ Her in Cruel Prank

YouTubers behind the channel “Joel and Lauren TV” have received backlash for reducing a Walmart employee to tears after pretending to “fire” her in a video.  

Lauren Love and her partner, Joel Ashley, whose channel has over 1.3 million subscribers, are known for posting “prank” videos. The content creators have three other channels with a combined following of over 500,000, CBS News reports.

American Woman Finds Sad Note From Chinese Labor Prison in Purse Bought From Walmart

A note with a disturbing plea for help from a labor prison in China was reportedly found by a woman from Arizona inside a purse she purchased from Walmart.

According to the Arizona Daily Star (via Huffington Post), Christel Wallace found the mysterious note inside a pouch of her new Walmart handbag back in March. Since the message on the piece of paper was written in Chinese, she asked her daughter-in-law to find a translator.

20,000 Walmart Workers in China Organize One of the Country’s Biggest Strikes Using WeChat

Over 20,000 Walmart employees across China are striking in protest over better pay and working conditions.

Eli Friedman, a labor scholar at Cornell University, told the New York Times in an interview that the Walmart movement was “probably the most substantive example of sustained, cross-workplace, independent worker organizing we’ve ever seen in China’s private sector.”