Teen Walmart Employee Spends His Paycheck in a Most Surprising Way

Teen Walmart Employee Spends His Paycheck in a Most Surprising Way
Editorial Staff
August 20, 2015

Kristopher Hudson, an 18-year-old from Bryant, Arkansas, works a summer job at his local Walmart in order to make money for college. What makes him unusual, however, isn’t that he’s scraping by in a low-paying retail job so that he can afford higher education — it’s that he gives to those who are less fortunate, even though he could probably use a financial gift or two himself.
In the video above, Hudson explains that he uses part of his paychecks to buy school supplies for kids as part his store’s back-to-school drive. Why? Because it would have made his mom proud. He told THV11:
“One of the things she always told me and my brothers was to always encourage others; the best feeling you’ll ever have is when you get to help someone out.”
Ty McCollum, an assistant manager at the Bryant Walmart, said of Hudson’s goodwill:
“By him doing that other associates are like well you know if Kristopher has done this maybe I can chip in $2 or $3 to help out.”
The teen has also made a Facebook page challenging his co-workers and friends to donate, and he has promised that if his store donates 5,000 items, he will take a pie in the face.
Hudson is proof that paying it forward never has to be complicated.
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