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UK poll: Nearly 1 in 3 believe COVID-19 was spread on purpose by China

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  • A recent poll done in the United Kingdom found that nearly 30% of Britons believe that China intentionally spread the COVID-19 as a bio-weapon.
  • The study was conducted by Hope Not Hate (HNH), an anti-racist campaign group based in the UK.
  • Polls conducted by HNH found that a concerning number of Britons have read and believe conspiracy theories regarding COVID-19, affecting their attitudes towards the vaccines as well.
  • Most worryingly, 5% think it is definitely true that "Coronavirus has been intentionally released as part of a 'depopulation' plan orchestrated by the UN or New World Order", with a further 13% thinking it is probably true.
  • Additionally, around 18% believe that the virus was either “definitely” or “probably” part of a “depopulation” plan on the part of the United Nations.
  • HNH also reported on the correlation between conspiracy theories and political affiliation, discovering that those who believed in conspiracies were most likely to lean right politically.

A research poll conducted by Hope Not Hate (HNH), an anti-racist campaign group based in the United Kingdom, found that nearly 30% of respondents believe China intentionally spread COVID-19 as a bio-weapon.

The results of the poll found that a concerning number of Britons have read and believe COVID-19 conspiracy theories, which HNH describe as “dangerous” and “worrying.”

Chinese Restaurant Attacked with Bricks and Fireworks in the UK, Suspects Still at Large

Avon and Somerset Police are looking for four men in relation to two attacks on a Chinese restaurant in Bristol last month.

The first attack happened on Oct. 26 around 8:45 p.m. when the group threw bricks at the window of a Chinese restaurant, which was not named, in Bedminster, Bristol, according to Bristol Post. Another attack occurred the following day at 9:30 p.m. when an unidentified person lit a firecracker and threw it in the same restaurant before it exploded, with staff still inside.

London Man First Ever to Clear All Charges After Killing 3 in Self-Defense


A 30-year-old Indian man in London, who single-handedly killed three men in self-defense, has been cleared of charges related to the incident.

What happened: Gurjeet Singh, the first person not to be charged over a self-defense triple killing in the United Kingdom, reportedly “went all Bruce Lee” during the clash The Times reported. A witness described the bloody aftermath as something out of a movie.

Son Helps Elderly Father Beat COVID-19 After Doctors Said He Had No Chance

London hospital

Suryakant “Suri” Nathwani, an 81-year-old COVID-19 patient, made an incredible recovery under the care of his son after he was sent home by a London hospital.

Watford General Hospital reportedly told the patient’s family that due to his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), he would not be able to handle ventilation in the hospital should his condition worsen.