British Asian Actor Confronts Man Who Was ‘Scared That He is Chinese’

British Asian Actor Confronts Man Who Was ‘Scared That He is Chinese’British Asian Actor Confronts Man Who Was ‘Scared That He is Chinese’
A British Asian actor called out a racist while shopping at a neighborhood store in London, England after claiming the man “was scared that I was Chinese.”
Jason Wong, 34, was out shopping in a newsagent in Queen’s Park in London when a stranger suddenly approached him and asked if he was Chinese, according to AsAm News.
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In the video, which Wong captured and posted to his Twitter account, showed an older man wearing a hat in front of the store’s check out counter.
“This man came up to me and asked if I was Chinese and then came up to me and said he was scared that I was Chinese,” the actor, who appeared in the 2019 movie “The Gentlemen,” said off-camera while pointing his phone towards the man.
The unidentified man then denied the accusations, saying, “No, no, I’m not scared.”
“Yes, you did,” Wong told the man. “You came up to me and said if I was Chinese. Then you asked me where I was from because the world is very scared right now.”
The man then stood his ground and generalized that “people are” scared.
“It’s not your race. It’s where corona comes from,” he added. “Look at the world. The state of it. What’s happening.”
“So you decided to racially discriminate against me…you walked away from me thinking that I had it,” Wong said.
Wong argued that he was born and raised in London, and this was despicable behavior.
The argument ended with the man walking away from Wong, accusing him of having an imperial complex. Wong pointed out that the man’s roots are from Ireland.
An assistant at the store told HuffPost UK that the fray began when Wong entered and the elderly man asked him to keep 2 meters (about 6 feet) apart. Wong pointed out that nobody stood up for him during the incident.
“They just stood there in silence which is fine,” he said. “But I think the key message there is that if people are being racist, you have to be outspoken and speak up for yourself because no one else will.”
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