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Disturbing Photos of Elephant Abuse Warn Tourists in Thailand Not to Ride Elephants

Tourists planning to ride elephants in Thailand are being urged to think again as photos of the alleged abuse towards the animals have gone viral on Twitter this week.

While the Thai government discourages elephant rides, these attractions reportedly persist in some tourist locations across the country, subjecting the animals to unimaginable torture from a young age.

Travelers Will Now Have to Pay a $9 ‘Sayonara Tax’ When Leaving Japan

departure tax

Those who are planning to travel to Japan might need to save up a little change before leaving the country as the government officially implemented a departure tax earlier this week.

The new law, which is being dubbed as “Sayonara Tax,” was put into effect on Monday, January 7, according to Yahoo News. Visitors in Japan will now have to pay 1,000 yen ($9) when they leave the country.

96-Year-Old Taiwanese Man Saves Entire ‘Rainbow Village’ By Painting Everything

rainbow village

A 96-year-old man painted his village in Taiwan as a way to prevent the government from demolishing it; as a result, it attracted many tourists, earning the name “Rainbow Village” for its colorful murals.

Huang Yung-Fu, a retired soldier living in Taichung, Taiwan, turned his village – a temporary housing area that the government gave to soldiers – into a massive art gallery that showcases his artwork.

White Students Who Take a ‘Gap Year’ in Asia Only Perpetuate Toxic White Saviorism

Year after year, young British and American students flock to Asia to “find themselves” before dedicating 3-4 years of their lives to earning a degree. Malia Obama has done it, so has Benedict Cumberbatch and even Prince William has been there. Companies have profited off of gap year and voluntourism schemes where students can pay several thousand dollars to teach English in Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, China, and Japan while immersing themselves in the local culture.

These students can be seen on Instagram feeding baby elephants, relaxing on sandy beaches and posing for photos with underprivileged Asian children from local villages without their parents’ consent. Essentially, it’s a guilt-free way for foreigners to explore Asian countries while tricking themselves into thinking they are helping local communities and civilizing the uncivilized — textbook definition white saviors.

This Hot Spring in China Literally Looks Like Sichuan Hot Pot

China just pushed its love for hot pot to a whole new level by opening a hot pot-inspired hot spring in Chongqing city.

Chongqing, a major city located in southwest China, is famous for its hot springs as well as its Sichuan-style hot pot restaurants, according to Shanghaiist. What better way is there to attract more tourists into the city than to combine two of its most famous attractions?