Japanese airline chooses Vulpix for new flight to spark tourism to Hokkaido

Japanese airline chooses Vulpix for new flight to spark tourism to Hokkaido
Ryan General
November 10, 2021
A regional airline in Japan is launching a new Pokémon-themed passenger plane focusing on Vulpix and its ice-type form, Alolan Vulpix. 
Flying fox: Budget carrier Air Do, which flies passengers between Honshu and Hokkaido islands, unveiled its special plane called Rokon Jet Hokkaido on Monday, according to a press release.

  • Promotional images showed a plane designed with the fire-type Vulpix on one side and the ice-type Alolan version on the other. 
  • More images of the characters can be found inside the plane, including the headrest covers, paper cups and aprons used by flight attendants, reported Kotaku
  • Passengers are also given limited edition keepsakes such as postcards and stickers.
  • Rokon Jet, which will start flying passengers to and from Hokkaido on Dec. 1, aims to re-ignite tourism in the prefecture, reported the Mainichi.
Why Vulpix: According to the official Pokémon website, Alolan Vulpix and Vulpix have been promoting Hokkaido following their appointment as the leader and deputy leader of the “Hokkaido Aficionado Expedition” campaign in 2018.
  • It noted that Alolan Vulpix was chosen to promote one of Japan’s snowiest prefectures because the Pokémon considers snowy mountains its home.
  • Air Do operates in cooperation with All Nippon Airways, home to the original Pokémon Jets that feature other, more prominent characters.
Featured Image via AIRDO
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