$2 billion Taipei Twin Towers aims to boost tourism

$2 billion Taipei Twin Towers aims to boost tourism
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November 11, 2022
Construction of the Taipei Twin Towers is now underway with an aim to revitalize the local tourist industry in Taiwan.
Plans to build two skyscrapers by Taipei Main Station were announced by Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je and Hsu Kun-tai, chairman of Taiwanese computer maker Clevo Co., in December 2019, Taiwan News reported.
The station serves as a connection between the city’s railways, airport lines and metro networks, with an estimated 500,000 people traveling in and out daily.
One of the towers will have 74 stories, while the other building will hold 55 stories. The space is expected to take up 31,728 square meters and a total floor area of 561,850 square meters.
The project is expected to finish by 2027 and will cost $1.94 billion. The design will be complete with offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, galleries and gardens. 
The Department of Rapid Transit Systems estimates the Taipei Twin Towers will generate an estimated 16,000 jobs as well as more than $3.2 billion for the city.
Breaking ground on the new project proved difficult as the Taiwanese government rejected Hong Kong-based Nan Hai Corp.’s bid in June 2019 because of its close ties with China. 
Clevo and its affiliate the Hongwell Group eventually won the bid for the project, according to Taiwan News.
Featured Image via Taipei Twin Towers
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