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Kang Daniel apologizes after his comments about ‘Street Woman Fighter’ spark sexism accusations

  • K-pop soloist Kang Daniel issued an apology Wednesday for his remarks about the competition show “Street Woman Fighter,” which he hosted in 2021, following accusations of sexism.
  • Kang posted his thoughts in a chat about the show on the fan platform Universe,
  • His comments mentioned he felt comfortable with hosting the upcoming “Street Man Fighter” because it only features male contestants and didn’t drain his energy like “Street Woman Fighter.”
  • He doubled down on his comments after being criticized, writing “Saying that this is about gender… I am at a loss for words” and threatening to block fans on the platform.
  • Last month, Kang released the single “Move Like This” in collaboration with Ahn Yujin of girl group IVE and Olympic ice skater Kim Yuna.

South Korean soloist Kang Daniel issued an apology on his Instagram today in response to accusations of sexism following his comments about a 2021 dance competition show he hosted.

Kang hosted “Street Woman Fighter” in 2021 and is set to host the all-male contestant version of the show “Street Man Fighter,” which airs on Aug. 16. 

Chinese man fired for saying women should provide ‘sex’ to male coworkers for using childbirth as work excuse

  • A male employee at a Chinese university was fired on Monday for posting sexist comments on the Chinese social media platform WeChat Moments.
  • He reportedly wrote that women staff members use childcare as an excuse to avoid working, adding that women should provide the men with “salaries” and “sex.”
  • The employee’s comments quickly went viral on Chinese social media.
  • He later apologized on WeChat claiming that he was “depressed” when he posted the comments.

Ningbo University in Zhejiang Province of eastern China terminated a male staff member after it was discovered that he had posted sexist comments on social media.

The university released a statement on Tuesday on Weibo that the employee, surnamed Li, was fired on Monday following the discovery of his social media comments towards women.

Yoshinoya fires executive for making sexist remarks during lecture at a Tokyo university

  • Masaaki Ito, a managing director at multinational ramen chain Yoshinoya, was fired on Monday for making an “inappropriate” remark at a marketing lecture at Waseda University in Tokyo on Saturday, according to a company statement.
  • Ito, who had been invited as a guest lecturer, asked other participants to come up with a strategy that would “get country girls hooked on [Yoshinoya] like drug addicts while they are still naive virgins," according to a participant who complained on social media.
  • “They won’t eat [gyudon] once they start getting treated to expensive meals by men,” the Yoshinoya executive added.
  • In its apology statement, Yoshinoya said, “The choice of words and expression used during the lecture were extremely inappropriate and could not be tolerated.”

An executive from Japanese restaurant chain Yoshinoya was fired for making a sexist remark during a marketing lecture over the weekend.

In a statement Tuesday, Yoshinoya Holdings Co., the chain’s parent company, confirmed that it had fired Managing Director Masaaki Ito on Monday due to his “intolerable remarks regarding human rights and gender.”

CEO placed on leave after telling women to ‘go clean rooms’ and ‘do dishes’ for International Women’s Day

  • Vivek Sharma, CEO of Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in the Canadian province of British Columbia, has been placed on leave after telling women to “go clean some rooms and do some dishes” at a conference earlier this month.
  • Sharma reportedly made the comment in jest while recognizing female attendees in honor of International Women’s Day, which was observed globally the day before the conference.
  • Days after the incident, Sharma issued a public apology, saying he “deeply regrets” the “insensitive and inappropriate comments” he made.
  • Aside from being placed on leave, Sharma resigned from two tourism boards, a commerce board and the advisory council of a local university’s school of business and economics.

Vivek Sharma, CEO of Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in the Canadian province of British Columbia, has been placed on leave after making a sexist comment in jest while honoring women earlier this month.

Sharma, who has also resigned from two tourism boards, made the comment near the end of his speech at the 2022 B.C. Tourism and Hospitality Conference in the city of Richmond on March 9, the day after International Women’s Day.

Female reporter in China is doxxed, ‘slut-shamed’ for decade-old diary entries and low college test scores

  • Chinese reporter Wang Bingbing faced online shaming after details of her past relationships and low college test scores were doxxed.
  • Social media users came to her defense and called out Wang’s critics for the invasion of her privacy and “slut-shaming.”
  • Several local publications also voiced their support for the reporter and urged the public to respect her private life.

Chinese social media users are defending a popular television personality after details about her past relationships and poor academic performance were exposed online.

Wang Bingbing, a 31-year-old reporter for China’s state-run media station CCTV, was doxxed by web users who posted her low English test scores and entries from her online diary, reported South China Morning Post.

95-year-old Chinese astronomer’s gender equality speech gets over half-billion views in 2 days

Ye Shuhua chinese astronomer speech

A speech from China’s first female observatory director is making internet rounds for its message about gender equality.

Women empowerment: A video of 95-year-old Ye Shuhua’s speech received over 580 million views and over 61,000 threads in just two days on Sina Weibo, reigniting discourse about gender equality and the social responsibilities of women in China, reported the state-run Global Times

Sponsored posts on SFWeekly promote ‘Oriental brides’ with natural ‘attraction to foreign men’

sfweekly mail order bride sponsored posts

New sponsored posts appearing in SFWeekly, the online version of the recently closed periodical of the same name in San Francisco, are perpetuating Asian stereotypes in order to promote mail-order bride websites.  

Depiction of Filipino women: Recent paid articles published in October on SFWeekly promote Filipino wives who “actually enjoy housework.”

Elle Creative Director Stephen Gan Accused of Making Racist and Sexist Comments Towards Staff

Stephen Gan

Elle U.S. creative director Stephen Gan has denied reports claiming that he was fired from the magazine brand following accusations that he made racist and sexist remarks in the past.

In an article published last week, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) cited sources who claimed that Gan will no longer have work to do with Elle and its parent publication Hearst and that his contract will not be renewed after its expiration in several weeks.

Japanese Woman Blasts Male Coworker for Sexist Office Tradition of Serving Men Tea

A Japanese woman shattered a common workplace custom called “ochakumi” where female office workers are expected to make and serve tea to male coworkers and company superiors after she got fed up with the sexist tradition.

Japanese Twitter user caron_M01 was at her limit after hearing a male coworker dropped a sexist remark regarding their office tradition “ochakumi,” which literally translates to “tea squad,” when he said: “Tea just tastes better when a girl pours it for you, you know.”