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‘Too Curvy to Be Asian’: British Officer Found Guilty of Misconduct Against Jogger Keeps Job

British Transport Police

A British Transport Police (BTP) officer who harassed an Asian woman in London last year got to keep his job following a misconduct investigation.

Inappropriate behavior: The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), which conducted the investigation, said Imran Aftab had inappropriately used his status as a police officer to harass a female jogger and make “sexually inappropriate comments” while he was off-duty back in April 2020, reported The Mirror.  

‘Do You Speak English?’: Asian American CNN Producer Arrested While Covering Daunte Wright Protest

Carolyn Sung

An Asian American producer for CNN was thrown to the ground and arrested while covering a protest for Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on April 13.

Unlawful arrest: Carolyn Sung was covering a protest following the murder of Daunte Wright, 20, an unarmed Black man shot and killed by an officer, when she was ordered to leave, according to CNN.

‘Mortal Kombat’ Video of SJ Sergeant Performing Baton Tricks Investigated by Internal Affairs

Mortal Kombat

A police sergeant who showed off his baton handling skills in a video set to music from the film “Mortal Kombat,” is now under investigation by the San Jose Police Department’s internal affairs office.

Sgt. Eddie Chan can be seen performing martial arts moves with two police batons. The video circulated among the police officers of Chan’s department. 

Tommy Le’s Family Wins $5 Million Settlement for 2017 Police Killing

tommy le

The King County Sheriff’s Office has agreed to pay a civil rights case settlement for the death of Tommy Le, 20, who was shot and killed by police in 2017.

On Wednesday, the family’s attorneys announced the sheriff’s office would pay Tommy Le’s estate $5 million in a settlement, which is half of what they initially sought in the 2018 lawsuit, according to KIRO7.