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North Carolina trooper uses his own car to stop an impaired driver going the wrong way

Highway Patrol trooper
  • North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper Cody Thao was praised for risking his own life to stop an impaired driver going the wrong way by using his own car as a barrier.
  • Joshua Bibey, the 26-year-old suspect, was chased from Johnston County before he entered Raleigh, reaching the speed of 100 miles per hour.
  • Thao raced down I-40 and exited Rocky Quarry Road, cutting off Bibey who was driving 50 miles an hour before crashing into him.
  • Bibey was arrested and charged with driving while impaired.

North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper Cody Thao risked his own life to stop an impaired driver going the wrong way by using his own car as a barrier.

In a dashcam recording posted to Twitter, Thao can be seen intentionally crashing his own car into the path of the driver to stop him from going into the interstate while driving the wrong way. 

Man arrested for being part of robbery spree group who broke into at least 22 North Carolina Asian restaurants

Man arrested after breaking into at least 5 Asian restaurants in North Carolina

A man accused of breaking into at least five Asian restaurants in North Carolina since the start of this year has been arrested and charged this week.

The allegations: Raymond Michael Cobb, 58, is allegedly one of several suspects who broke into 22 Asian restaurants across central and eastern North Carolina, according to CBS 17.

Judge rules UNC non-admittance of white and Asian students, race-based admissions not discriminatory

UNC judge ruled race

A federal judge endorsed the University of North Carolina’s (UNC) use of race as a factor in screening applicants after ruling that the university did not discriminate against white and Asian American applicants.

No discrimination: Judge Loretta Biggs ruled on Monday that the UNC’s undergraduate admissions process had not been discriminatory toward specific race groups, reported CNN.

Madison Cawthorn vows to seize ‘every Chinese asset in America’ if GOP retakes congress

Madison Cawthorn wants to seize Chinese assets

On Saturday, Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) vowed to prosecute Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and seize “every Chinese asset in the United States” once the GOP returns to power.

Prosecute Fauci: While speaking in Rutherford County, N.C., the 26-year-old freshman congressman promised to charge Fauci for allegedly lying to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) during a Senate hearing for COVID-19 in July, according to Newsweek.

Police trying to identify suspects tied to break-ins targeting over 20 Asian restaurants in NC

Asian restaurants suspect

Police in North Carolina have released video and images of a group of suspects breaking into at least 22 Asian restaurants across the state.

Usual suspect: Police are investigating the break-ins and thefts at five Asian restaurants in Fayetteville — all having occurred since January — and investigators believe that they involve at least one of the same suspects.

‘Whitening’ Dentists Blasted for Wearing Offensive Cultural Dresses in Magazine Ad

Three dentists in North Carolina sparked fury on social media after wearing traditional dresses of other cultures for a “whitening” advert.

The dentists, identified as Anita Wells, Jill Sonner, and Anna Abernethy, wore what appeared to be Japanese, Native American, and Scottish garb in the ad of Renaissance Dental Center, which was published in Midtown Magazine.