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‘I am racist’: Man dismissed from job after going viral for hurling anti-Asian remarks in England

racist incident
  • An investigation is underway after a man was captured in a viral video hurling racist remarks at an Asian couple in Bolton, England, during an altercation.
  • The incident took place shortly after the couple and the man were involved in a collision.
  • The man, an employee of the trucking company Accolade Logistics, was dismissed from his job after the video went viral.

A man was dismissed from his job after he went viral for hurling anti-Asian remarks at an Asian man and woman in Bolton, England, during an altercation.

An investigation is underway into the incident that happened near the Asda supermarket on Blackburn road in Bolton on Friday.

Shopee revokes Chinese engineer’s job offer right after he relocates for almost $10,000

  • A 28-year-old Chinese engineer found himself stuck in Singapore with his wife and their dog after e-commerce company Shopee rescinded his job offer after they arrived at Changi Airport on Aug. 25.
  • The man, only identified by the pseudonym Lingo, was supposed to start working for the company as an algorithm engineer on Aug. 29 and allegedly spent around 14,000 Singapore dollars (approximately $9,970) to relocate.
  • Lingo shared what had happened on his WeChat account under the username “Lin Ge goes to Nanyang.” He also spoke to media outlets such as Lianhe Zaobao and Mothership. 
  • “Going back to three days ago, I might not have believed it,” Lingo wrote on WeChat. “This WeChat official account was created on May 17, 2022, to share my life in Singapore and algorithm technology. But it turns out my first article is about my unemployment, job hunting and how to negotiate compensation.”
  • In a statement to South China Morning Post, Sea Limited – the Tencent Holdings-backed company – that owns Shopee, confirmed it had canceled some job offers in its tech division.
  • “Due to adjustments to hiring plans on some tech teams, a number of roles at Shopee are no longer available. We are working closely to support those affected,” the statement read.

A Chinese engineer who allegedly spent nearly $10,000 to relocate to Singapore for a new job found himself and his family stuck in the country after his employer canceled his job offer at the last minute.

The 28-year-old man, only identified by the pseudonym Lingo, shared what happened to Singaporean media outlet Lianhe Zaobao. Speaking to the publication, Lingo said e-commerce company Shopee rescinded his job offer right after he reached Changi Airport in Singapore on Aug. 25.

27-year-old Chinese man struggles to find a job because of his youthful appearance

  • A 27-year-old Chinese man has been unable to attain a job for years due to his young appearance.
  • Many companies have rejected the man due to suspicions that he is working as a government agent investigating child labor violations.
  • He shared a video on Douyin where he vented his frustrations, explaining that he is the only one who can financially care for his father.
  • In one video, the man shows his ID to prove that he was born in 1995.

Due to his resemblance to a young child, a 27-year-old man in China has been unable to find a job as companies suspect he is working as a government agent.

Mao Sheng, from Guangdong province, has been facing job rejections for years due to his youthful appearance. Several companies have denied Mao as they suspect he is being used to expose companies abusing child labor laws. 

In China, You Now Need a Bachelor’s Degree to Become a Toilet Manager

It’s not apparently easy to land a job as a toilet manager in one of the districts in Wuhan, the capital of central China’s Hubei province.

According to a job ad posted online by the officials Hongshan District, in order to be considered for the position, the applicant must not be older than 30 years old and, to much everyone’s surprise, must have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Vietnamese Dad Humiliated By HR Employee Because of His English Skills Finally Gets a Job

Last month, Seattle resident Emily Huynh tweeted about an incident where an HR director sent a horribly unprofessional email to her father after he applied for a position at that company.

Vietnamese Dad Insulted By Company for His English Gets Apology, Hiring Manager Fired

Nearly 24 hours after Emily Huynh tweeted a racist email from a potential employer to her father, the company has stated that the offending employee has been fired.


Aspiring Teacher in India Commits Suicide After Landing Only Housekeeping Job

An aspiring Indian teacher was found dead in his home in West Bengal’s South 24 Parganas district. Tanu Mistry committed suicide by hanging himself in his own room, all while the volume on his TV was turned on full blast to mask any suspicion.

Mistry’s relatives tried knocking on the 30-year-old’s door but to no avail. Once his family members decided to tear the door down, it was already too late as Mistry’s lifeless body was already hanging from the ceiling.

Thai Amputee Gets ‘Best Job in Thailand’ Earning $30,000 a Month

An amputee from Thailand who lost both of her legs in a horrible accident in Singapore in 2011 recently landed herself a new job that many are calling the “Best Job in Thailand”.

Earlier this month, the 21-year-old Thammasat University Journalism and Mass Communication student named Nitcharee “Nong Than” Peneakchanasak landed the high-paying position of patient-happiness surveyor at the World Medical Hospital.