Singaporean Company is Paying Someone $14,000 to Drink Beer for 4 Hours

Singaporean Company is Paying Someone $14,000 to Drink Beer for 4 Hours
King Malleta
December 13, 2016
After receiving more than 13,500 online applications for their ‘Probably The Best Job’ campaign, Carlsberg Singapore has finally chosen five lucky finalists, one of whom will be chosen to get paid a hefty sum for a few hours of fun work.
Oftentimes, yuppies will get together and grab a drink after work — the usual way to destress after a long and busy day. However, Carlsberg, a craft brewing company, has something different in mind. They want you to drink on the job and the best part is they will pay you to do it.
According to The New Paper, Carlsberg will pay one of the lucky finalsists SGD $20,000 ($14,000) in cash to taste beer for 4 hours.
(From Left) Clifford Gomes, Cheryl Ong, Royston Lim and Kenneth Kong
Twenty-two-year-old Cherly Ong, one of the five finalists, said that she happened to chance upon the campaign on Facebook and decided to join.
“When I read the comments and found out this was actually a thing, I thought why not? It is a pretty long shot to get chosen, and I have nothing to lose,” Ong said.
Ong, who graduated from the University of Queensland, said that she has a penchant for travelling and if she ends up winning the contest, her next travel destination would be Egypt.
Royston Lim, a 32-year-old marketing manager, also made it to the top five. He said that he started brewing beer after his friend did the same.
“I went to my friend’s house three years ago and saw that he was brewing his own beer. I didn’t even know you could do that,” Lim said in the interview. “I did some research, and it started becoming a hobby of mine. It is fun when you can concoct your own taste.”
Other finalists include Francine Tang, who works in the home décor industry, and musicians Clifford Gomes and DJ Kenneth Kong.
Carlsberg will select their winner on December 5 at FIVE Square.
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