Thai Amputee Gets ‘Best Job in Thailand’ Earning $30,000 a Month

Thai Amputee Gets ‘Best Job in Thailand’ Earning $30,000 a Month
Ryan General
June 27, 2017
An amputee from Thailand who lost both of her legs in a horrible accident in Singapore in 2011 recently landed herself a new job that many are calling the “Best Job in Thailand”.
Earlier this month, the 21-year-old Thammasat University Journalism and Mass Communication student named Nitcharee “Nong Than” Peneakchanasak landed the high-paying position of patient-happiness surveyor at the World Medical Hospital.  
Under the six-month contract offered to her, Nong Than is set to receive 1 million baht ($29,500) per month, reports AsiaOne. She is scheduled to start her job on August 16.
“I plan to focus on physically challenged patients,” said Nong Than who is currently enrolled in a short course abroad preparing for her new task.
Her responsibilities include talking to patients and encouraging them to keep their morale high despite their conditions. She is also expected to report her findings on the hospital’s social media accounts in an effort to educate readers on how to care for patients and make them happy.
She has taken multiple roles in the past where she delivers inspirational messages as a motivational speaker and TV host.
World Medical Hospital director Dr. Adisorn Patradul stated that Nong Than’s outstanding qualifications stood out among nearly 1,000 applicants for the lucrative job.
He also pointed out that the girl’s resilience was strikingly notable, adding that despite Nong Than losing both of her legs in an MRT accident, her character remained strong.
“We also take note that she has joined various charity activities over the years,” Patradul was quoted as saying. “Last but not least, she has a very positive mindset. She is always smiling and cheerful. She’s the kind of person that patients must be happy talking to.”
She has, in fact, stayed quite active in recent years, playing a variety of sports activities, such as badminton and swimming.
“It’s possible to turn crises into opportunities, flaws into inspirations,” Nong Than explained. “If we have enough determination, we can do anything,” she added.
As she is still currently a university student, Nong Than has made sure her schedule is well-planned to have her time divided accordingly.
“I will enroll in just a few courses in the upcoming semester so that I have time for my work at the medical centre,” she said.
The student further stated that she will be spending three of her weekday afternoons, plus all of her weekends, at the World Medical Hospital.
Nong Than already has plans on where she would spend a huge chunk of her relatively high salary: a new pair of artificial legs, which costs around 5 million baht ($147, 275) per pair.
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