Aspiring Teacher in India Commits Suicide After Landing Only Housekeeping Job

Aspiring Teacher in India Commits Suicide After Landing Only Housekeeping Job
Kyle Encina
August 10, 2017
An aspiring Indian teacher was found dead in his home in West Bengal’s South 24 Parganas district. Tanu Mistry committed suicide by hanging himself in his own room, all while the volume on his TV was turned on full blast to mask any suspicion.
Mistry’s relatives tried knocking on the 30-year-old’s door but to no avail. Once his family members decided to tear the door down, it was already too late as Mistry’s lifeless body was already hanging from the ceiling.
According to KhaleejTimes, Mistry was hoping to get a job as a teacher but was offered a housekeeping job instead. While the aspiring Indian teacher was able to pass the written examination for the Teacher Eligibility Test, he wasn’t able to proceed after the interview.
The depressed 30-year-old shared his horrific experience to his mother, who recalls him telling her, “So now after doing my M.A and B. Ed, I have to earn my living washing dishes and cleaning premises. How can I do such jobs?” After the aspiring Indian teacher’s interview at the firm was done, he also realized that his dreams of becoming a teacher were over as well.
Mistry’s father was equally depressed about his son’s situation saying, “One has to pay 700,000 rupees for a primary teacher’s job, and more for a job of teacher in higher classes. How could I get the amount?”
An earlier report revealed that the suicide rate in India is more prominent among teenagers and young professionals. The primary causes of suicide in India mostly revolves around school or work-related issues as well as unemployment, such as the case of the aspiring Indian teacher. With numerous similar reports on the rise, it seems that suicide is a major concern that still persists in the country.
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