Boss Won’t Let Japanese Salaryman Go Home to Sick Wife, His Response is LEGENDARY

Boss Won’t Let Japanese Salaryman Go Home to Sick Wife, His Response is LEGENDARYBoss Won’t Let Japanese Salaryman Go Home to Sick Wife, His Response is LEGENDARY
Japanese husbands have the unfair reputation of being office workaholics who show very little appreciation to their wives.
Such stereotypes, popularized by local media and pop culture, have painted the unflattering picture of an uncaring husband and mindless office drone who willingly takes whatever the boss throws at him.
But a story of one noble husband recently went viral on social media for his gallant stand against his boss as he made a bid to go home to his sick wife.
The tale comes from Twitter user @Rakshasa_JP whose friend’s husband reportedly proved that not all Japanese employees place more importance on their jobs than their wives.
According to his tweet, the husband reportedly approached his manager one day at work to explain why he needed to clock out earlier.
“My wife has come down with influenza, so I’ll be going home early,” the man said, indicating his intention to care for his sick wife, according to SoraNews24.
Angered by the proposition, the manager threatened the husband, saying, “You can be easily replaced, you know?”
Our hero impressively did not crumble from his boss’ veiled threat and instead responded with, “My wife can’t be replaced, you dumbass.”
The husband then marched home, thinking that his actions would result in his immediate termination from the company.
However, as fate would have it, the ballsy husband ended up keeping his job, and the manager was fired eventually, according to Rakshasa_JP.
The husband’s story earned over a hundred thousand likes, with comments commending him for caring for his wife and standing his ground against his boss.
“Looks like the manager is the one who could be easily replaced.”
“Your friend’s husband is seriously cool…”
“Serves the manager right!”
“If the manager thought it’d be so easy to find someone else to do the husband’s job, why didn’t he just cover his workload for him?”
While the husband was generally applauded for his dramatic exit, there are a few commenters who felt that taking care of someone with flu is still not a valid reason to skip work.
There were also netizens who were curious about what exactly caused the manager’s firing as it was not made clear in the story whether his termination resulted from the verbal confrontation, a non-related work performance or of him throwing his weight around the workplace.
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