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Gina Darling Accuses Man of Scamming and Abusing Asian Women by Pretending to Have PTSD

Frankie Gatdula, an employee at a gaming company, is being accused of physically abusive and manipulative behavior by several women, including YouTuber Gina Darling. 

According to a Facebook post from Gatdula’s ex-girlfriend, Cyndy Nguyen, he allegedly attempted to crash his car while she was inside then tried to run her over with his vehicle when she attempted to escape. She wrote in the post:

Meet the Twitch Streamer Hated By Salty Racist Bros Because She’s Dating an Asian Man

Lisa Vannatta, perhaps better known by her gamer handle STPeach, is no stranger to attention online; with 455,540 Twitch followers, 385,000 Instagram followers, 108,000 Twitter followers, 34,958 YouTube subscribers, and 18,378 subreddit readers, she manages her personal brand as a video game streamer with the finesse only a professional could handle.

Of course, with all the attention comes the occasional hater or two — especially when she posts photos of herself with her boyfriend, Jay.

There’s Now a 5-Star Hotel in Taiwan Specifically for Gamer Couples

A hotel in Taiwan is offering gamers a chance to experience what it’s like to be in an eSports tournament thanks to its theme centered around competitive gaming.

Referred to as i hotel — located in Taoyuan, Taiwan — the lodging offers quite the luxurious feel of a five-star hotel with a dash of eSports. Based on its Facebook page, most of its rooms will come equipped with two desktop units complete with gaming chairs.

Chinese Gamer’s Feet Start to Rot After 6-Day Gaming Binge at an Internet Cafe

Earlier this week, police discovered an unconscious 19-year-old boy behind a bush near some train tracks in Hangzhou, China with infected and bleeding feet.

The police quickly called for an ambulance when the boy woke up briefly to ask for some water. When the police asked him what had happened, the young man explained that he hadn’t eaten in three days, had no money for food, and had been wandering aimlessly after a 6-day long gaming binge at a nearby internet cafe, according to Hangzhou Daily.

This Man Makes $1,600 a Month Playing Games For Other People

When 30-year-old Wang Gang of Xi’an, China had spent all his money from work on online gaming, he found a way to make money by playing even more games.

Wang started gold-farming, which is the practice of hiring another gamer to play on your account all day and night to produce in-game currency or to accumulate valuable characters or items — currency or items are then sold for real money to other players to give them an edge in their game.