Japanese Company Creates an ‘All-Alone’ Tent For Gamers Who Hate People

Japanese Company Creates an ‘All-Alone’ Tent For Gamers Who Hate People
Carl Samson
September 22, 2017
A tent that perfectly isolates one from the outside world — including light — has emerged from Japan.
Check out the Bocchi Tent from Bibi Lab, an indoor goods company that values “making goods that become topics more than profitable products.”
This latest product derives its name from “bocchi,” which happens to be a Japanese slang for “all alone.”
As seen in photos, the Bocchi Tent makes a peaceful space for intense concentration, perfect for studying, gaming or any other activity that needs absolute privacy.
Setting up the tent takes no more than 30 seconds, so it’s also a good emergency hideout.
Bibi Lab gets points for considering ventilation in the tent’s design, as seen in mesh openings located on its sides.
More impressively, the company claims that the tent can block light from outside sources completely, SoraNews24 reports.
The Bocchi Tent, which comes in widths of 110 cm (43.3 in) and 130 cm (51.2 in), is currently available on Amazon Japan for 10,346 yen (around $93).
Watch how the tent is set up below:
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