This Man Makes $1,600 a Month Playing Games For Other People

This Man Makes $1,600 a Month Playing Games For Other PeopleThis Man Makes $1,600 a Month Playing Games For Other People
Sebastian Dillon
June 1, 2015
When 30-year-old Wang Gang of Xi’an, China had spent all his money from work on online gaming, he found a way to make money by playing even more games.
Wang started gold-farming, which is the practice of hiring another gamer to play on your account all day and night to produce in-game currency or to accumulate valuable characters or items — currency or items are then sold for real money to other players to give them an edge in their game.
It’s an old practice that’s considered cheating by gaming companies, so accounts that are suspected of gold-farming are typically shut down. However, that didn’t stop Wang from opening up his own gold-farming company.
Wang majored in computer science in school, but spent most of the money that he earned working at a hotel on online gaming. When he got married (the details of which were not revealed) he played another risky bet — he quit his job at the hotel and became a full-time gamer.
Wang’s wife explained how the decision affected them in the very beginning:

“At first it was really difficult. He played games at home while I worked outside and he only earned a couple hundred a month. Things began to finally change half a year later and his salary increased to a few thousands a month. Later he was able to expand his gold farming business.”

Through sheer gaming skill, Wang was able to put bread on the table for his wife when all odds seemed against him. Wang now pulls in 10,000 RMB a month, or about $1,600, which may not seem to be much but is still a comfortable living wage in China.
Wang’s gold-farming business now includes 19 computers that enables hired gamers to log on to three accounts at once. Wang and his gamers typically “work” from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m., non-stop.
Playing games for 15 hours straight isn’t all fun though, Wang explains.

“After a while, your eyes start to get tired. The people who gamed with me from the beginning slowly got out of it.”

Married and owns his own full-time gaming business? Wang is living the gamer dream.
Source: Shanghaiist
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