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Mexico’s President Apologizes for the 1911 Massacre that Killed Over 300 Chinese People

Mexico’s president made a public apology on Monday for the killing of over 300 Chinese people by the revolutionary forces of Francisco I. Madero in the city of Torreón over a century ago.

Gruesome history: President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he wants to ensure the 1911 massacre, in which Chinese nationals were mutilated or hung from telegraph poles, “never, ever happens again,” reported the Associated Press

The U.S. Deported The Man Who Would Become China’s ‘Father of Space Technology’ Out of Fear

Qian Xuesen

America may not have won World War II and landed on the moon later if not for the contributions of a brilliant Chinese scientist named Qian Xuesen.

Fearing communist presence after the war, the U.S., however, deported Qian to China, clueless that he would eventually spearhead programs that would target American troops and eventually propel China into space.

Chinese Army Dog Begs Retiring Handler Not to Go After 2 Years Together

A Chinese army dog has gone viral for not letting his retiring handler go by wrapping his paws around him to stop him from leaving the barracks.

The heartbreaking moment, captured at a military base at an undisclosed location, sees a 3-year-old golden retriever dog named Da Mao chasing after his trainer, Jia Chuan, as he is leaving the base, according to state-run media CCTV via Daily Mail.

Man Gets 12 Years in Prison for Raping Chinese Woman at University in Australia


A 23-year-old man from Australia received a 12-year jail sentence for raping a 21-year-old Chinese student inside a bathroom at the University of Western Australia last year.

Wayne Christ Adeline received the sentence on Wednesday after being found guilty of sexual penetration without consent, aggravated sexual penetration without consent and assault occasioning bodily harm, according to The West Australian.

29% of Chinese Canadians Report Being Physically Attacked During COVID-19 Crisis, Survey Says

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with further information to reaffirm the statistic of Canadian Americans being physically assaulted.

A new survey conducted in Canada shows nearly 30% of Chinese Canadians have been personally threatened or intimidated during the COVID-19 pandemic with 8% of the total survey reporting they were physically attacked in the highest degree, with an additional 21% reporting physical attacks in lower degrees.

Family-Owned Chinese Restaurant Vandalized, Attacked By Online Trolls in Seattle

As if dealing with the economic impact of COVID-19 is not stressful enough, a family-owned restaurant in Seattle, Washington must deal with online trolls who have been trying to ruin their name in a racist scheme.

It all started on Saturday afternoon when Eric Chan, whose family owns Jade Garden in the Chinatown-International District, received a comment on his Instagram profile.

She Grew Up With a Chinese Sister in India, Now She’s Desperate to Find Her Again

Meenal Patil, a radio personality for Radio One, is on a quest to fulfill a promise she made to her late mother to find her long-lost Chinese sister, Chingu.

On Mother’s Day, May 10, Meenal posted an Instagram video compilation of heartwarming images of Chingu, whose real name is Ling Yi, and her family. She narrated the video, telling the story of how Chingu became a part of their lives.