Chinese woman spent $38,000 in 9 years on her hotpot addiction

Chinese woman spent $38,000 in 9 years on her hotpot addictionChinese woman spent $38,000 in 9 years on her hotpot addiction
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A woman in China has spent 270,000 yuan ($38,100) over the past nine years indulging in her love for hotpot. 
Kong’s addiction: The Chinese woman, surnamed Kong, has gone viral on Chinese social media after expressing her addiction to the soup dish on Nov. 17. She claims to have eaten at the renowned Haidilao restaurant chain 627 times across more than 20 cities.
“I don’t cook. I don’t have other hobbies and I am not interested in clothes or makeup like other girls. My only hobby is eating, especially eating Haidilao,” Kong said, according to the South China Morning Post.
Haidilao’s excellent service: Kong, a manager at a bed and breakfast hotel from Nanjing, praised Haidilao for its fresh ingredients and excellent service, noting that she first tried the restaurant’s hotpot about nine years ago after receiving many recommendations.
The woman even recalled a time when a Haidilao restaurant allowed her to sleep in the eatery when she was on a business trip as she had an early morning flight. According to Kong, the restaurant staff not only permitted her stay but also provided her with a quilt and pillow for her convenience.
Health risks: Kong’s family has reportedly expressed concerns about health risks due to the consumption of too many hotpot meals. Kong has admitted to gaining 13.5 kilograms (29.7 pounds) in weight due to her addiction and has planned to reduce her hotpot consumption. 
“I am aware that eating a lot of hotpot is likely to increase the level of lithic acid in our bodies, a cause of gout,” Kong said. “My physical checkups have shown some indexes are not as good as they were before, so I will restrain my enthusiasm for hotpot a bit.”
Speculations: Kong’s story has sparked debates on social media, with some speculating it could be an advertisement for Haidilao or merely a display of her wealth. 
“I doubt it. [It is] an advertisement by Haidilao. An ordinary person couldn’t stand eating hotpot so frequently for nine years,” one social media user said. 
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