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Cambridge Wants to Install Squat Toilets For Chinese Tourists

A new planning application has been submitted that would renovate a public restroom near a bus station in Cambridge, England to add squat toilets for Chinese tourists.

The proposed renovation will transform the Silver Street toilets in Cambridge near the Queen’s Road coach drop-off point and add four male urinals, three male cubicles, seven female cubicles, two gender neutral ones, and three new squat toilets, according to Cambridge-News.

Tourists Destroy Pink Grass Field That Took Years to Cultivate for Selfies


A Chinese auntie from the province of Hangzhou was left heartbroken after helplessly watching unruly selfie-seeking tourists trample on the patch of pretty pink grass that she helped cultivate in the past three years.  

According to the woman credited simply as “Auntie Zheng,” the visitors were able to destroy her plot of imported muhly grass in just three days, Shanghaiist reports. 

Chinese Tourists Filmed ‘Feeding’ Swan a Napkin Before Grabbing Its Neck For Photos in Switzerland

Chinese-speaking tourists were recently captured on video “feeding” a swan with a paper napkin, while another is shown grabbing the bird’s neck at a park in Switzerland.

The video, which showed a group of tourists trying to snap photos with the animal, soon went viral on Chinese social media after it was reportedly posted on Snapchat earlier this week.

Japan’s Famous Nara Deer Park is Being Ruined By Rude Tourists

The Nara government revealed on February 8 that the famed and often polite deer in Nara Park – home to nearly 1,500 wild deer – have become quite frustrated.

Nara Deer park

Injuries caused by deer bites have gone up from 118 cases from the previous fiscal year to 164 cases between April 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018, the Japan Times reported. Of the 164 reported cases, 80% of them are tourists, most of them Chinese.