Japanese Restaurant Kicks Chinese Tourists Because of Their ‘Disgusting Manners’

Japanese Restaurant Kicks Chinese Tourists Because of Their ‘Disgusting Manners’
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
June 12, 2018
A pair of Chinese tourists got out of paying their bill at a restaurant in Osaka, Japan after getting kicked out because of their “disgusting manners.”
The incident, which took place earlier this month, was caught in a video that has since gone viral on Chinese social media.
In the video, a waiter can be seen asking the women to leave the premises of the Gyu-Kaku BBQ restaurant.
“You don’t need to pay. Just leave. It’s really too much, I’ve never seen such disgusting manners before,” he said, according to China News.
Speaking to Japanese media, the waiter claimed that the women chose the 90-minute buffet option but stayed past that limit.
He also found shrimp shells littered all over their table.
In their defense, one of the women claimed that the restaurant discriminated against them because they were Chinese.
She added that the waiter became angry when she started filming him.
The woman left their table after paying, but the restaurant owner followed them to return their money.
The story has left Chinese netizens uncertain as there was no evidences to prove that the restaurant was discriminatory or that the diners actually had “disgusting manners.”
“The video is incomplete and there is no way to comment,” one commented.
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