Chinese Tourists Always Bring One Thing With Them When They Travel

While there’s plenty of food to try when traveling abroad, many Chinese tourists can’t go anywhere without their instant noodles.
A recent study by Alitrip, Alibaba’s travel-booking arm, and, a personal finance app, has revealed that 31.29% of Chinese tourists will bring instant noodles overseas. Another 58.24% will buy them in their destination spots, Xinhua reported.
Of those instant noodle-carriers, 50.36% bring three to five packs, all for trips that last about five days in average.
Interestingly, the primary reason behind these tourists’ inseparable relationship with instant noodles isn’t monetary. These folks, simply, “aren’t used to local food.”
The second reason for bringing instant noodles is to “save travel time eating,” while eating “cheap” comes at third.
As per Global Times, six million tourists are leaving China during this year’s Golden Week, which kicked off on Saturday. Most will be going to South Korea, Japan and Thailand.
Looking at Alitrip and’s study, there will be 1,877,400 people needing hot water to get their noodles ready.
Meanwhile, 589 million tourists are heading to the mainland for the occasion. This figure is up 12% from last year, and an income of 478 billion yuan ($70,000,000,000) is expected.
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