Chinese Tourists Leave South Korean Airport Looking Like a Garbage Dump

A South Korean airport just suffered the burden of attending to unruly Chinese tourists.
Jeju International Airport, the second-largest in the country, saw gates for international flights on its third floor overflowing with garbage. Paper and plastic of different sizes were scattered around the area.
According to Jemin Ilbo, this alarming volume of rubbish came from duty free goods purchased by Chinese tourists.
As per the Korea Times, tourists buying such goods outside the airport have to pick them up from a designated area at the departure gate. However, untidy folks tend to rip the items’ wrapping before boarding so they’re bringing less weight.
And as you guessed, the shredded wrappings go straight to the floor.
Chinese tourists were reportedly asked by sanitation workers and duty free staff to use dumpsters, on top of garbage bags they received.
An airport official told The Korea Times that there are “special areas” around the gate where tourists can throw their rubbish off. Unfortunately, some are just too stubborn to comply.
“We will keep reinforcing the sanitation team at the gates for international flights. Even though there is still lots of rubbish left after they depart, fewer of them are dumping it on the floor after we’ve taken action.”
The official then warned of possible sanctions:
“Those who keep throwing waste on the floor might face fines as a penalty in the future.”
For some time now, misbehaving Chinese tourists have been getting on people’s nerves — slapping cashiersdestroying marine life, taking toilet seats and peeing on the most unimaginable places on earth.
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