Chinese Tourists Are STILL Treating Korea’s Airport Like a Garbage Dump

Chinese Tourists Are STILL Treating Korea’s Airport Like a Garbage Dump
Ryan General
February 15, 2017
Unruly Chinese tourists have once again left an insane amount of garbage at South Korea’s second-largest airport, making it look like a giant indoor garbage dump — and the staff can’t do much about it.
Images of the trash left by the travelers at Jeju International Airport have surfaced online and are infuriating netizens.
Despite being advised by airport staff to use the installed trash bins in the area numerous times, the mob of Chinese tourists still chose to simply throw their trash on the floor near the international departure gates. Garbage was also thrown without abandon on the transfer buses, reported Money Today (via Koreaboo).
The firm that manages the airport was left with no other choice but to add more cleaning attendants to take care of the discarded litter. Korea Airports Corporation also placed enough staff to ensure the tourists were properly advised on the correct way of throwing away their rubbish.
Chinese tourists leaving a giant pile of garbage at the Jeju airport, however, is nothing new. A similar incident was reported there late last year and also generated massive outrage online.
Airport officials pointed out, however, that not all Chinese tourists do this. According to the management, the eerie phenomenon only happens whenever a large group of them arrives. The officers added that they cannot actually reprimand the offenders. The only thing they can do for now in the unfortunate situation is to continuously advise people to use the trash bins.
In a statement, the Jeju Airport duty-free department made it clear that they are not blaming the Chinese tourists per se.
“This is not a problem with the Chinese people,” the staff was quoted as saying. “This is a problem with group mentality and also the fault of the airport for improper action.”

The message also included plans to install more bins and come up with better solutions to address the seemingly chronic problem in the future.
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