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Nathan Chen Becomes the First Man to Win 5 Consecutive Championships in 60 Years

Nathan Chen

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to correctly report that Nathan Chen is the first man to win five consecutive figure skating championships. Michelle Kwan holds the record for the most consecutive U.S. titles at eight and most consecutive U.S. Championship medals at 12.

Chinese American figure skater Nathan Chen remains undefeated, becoming the first man to win five consecutive figure skating championships since two-time Olympic champion Dick Button over 60 years ago.

Chinese Americans Unite Over WeChat to Fight COVID-19 in NY Despite Experiencing Abuse

New York hospitals

A New York Times article has compiled a list of Chinese American associations and groups who have raised funds to secure and donate masks to New York hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis.

Despite the current climate and the increased number of hate crimes and racially-charged attacks targeted at Asians, Asian Americans are stepping up to combat the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators.

What It’s Like Being Chinese in America Right Now

To be honest, I didn’t believe that the virus could come to America. When it first appeared in Wuhan, China, and later spread rapidly and killed thousands, I still didn’t believe it would come here. Not America. I admit I had a “white-superiority” kind of mindset, which is so stupid in hindsight. As you can see from my last name, I am not white. I am Chinese American. I am a world of both. I am also a world of neither. 

Viruses don’t discriminate. When later it spread to neighboring countries such as Japan and Korea, I started to worry. But it was only until the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the virus as a pandemic that I seriously started stocking up on food and other essentials. I was initially reluctant to stock on food because I thought it would be alright here. I even scoffed at all the Asian people in my community panic-buying rice at Costco to the point that they sold out. I’m still not sure why I felt that way though. Perhaps, I was too afraid to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. 

Chinese American WWII Veterans Honored at Seattle Seahawks Game

Six Chinese American World War II veterans were honored by the Seattle Seahawks in a game against the Minnesota Vikings (37-30) on Dec. 2.

The veterans, namely Gene Moy (102), Thomas Lew (96), William “JB” Chin (95), Calvin Fung (95), William “Bill” Chin (94), and Lip Mar (92), received recognition during the two-minute warning in the first half, with the Seahawks putting aside a part of its in-game promotions.

California Celebrated Its First Chinese American Day in Sacramento

California just celebrated its first Chinese American Day, marking the first official recognition of Chinese Americans by any state legislature.

Nearly 1,000 attendees gathered on Capitol Building’s West Steps in Sacramento on October 23 to participate in the event. Festivities began with traditional music and Chinese lion and dragon dances, according to Davis Enterprise.

Woman Who Received ‘Me Love You Long Time’ Email Now Has a Job Helping Immigrants

Connie Cheung

Chinese American Connie Cheung, an applicant who received a highly offensive email a few months ago, has finally found herself a job serving the community.

Cheung now works as a human resources manager for the Chinese Mutual Aid Association, a non-profit group dedicated to helping immigrants adjust in the U.S. by giving them affordable English lessons, immigration assistance, home health care and other assistance, according to Chicago Asian Network.

Marvel Reportedly Seeking Chinese American Actors for ‘Shang-Chi’ Role

Production for Marvel’s first-ever Asian-led superhero movie “Shang-Chi” has begun and the studio is allegedly putting out test offers for actors to play the part.

Variety film reporter Justin Kroll has allegedly been told that “Marvel is putting out test offers for a group of men in their 20s for its SHANG-CHI movie” and that the studio “have also been adamant to reps offering up their clients for the role that they have to be of Chinese ancestry no other Asian ancestry excepted.”