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Video shows safety driver of WeRide test car asleep behind the wheel

WeRide driver

Last month, a safety driver behind the wheel of a WeRide test robocar was captured on film apparently asleep while traveling on highway 85 in San Jose, Calif. 

Robo-autonomy in the open road: WeRide, a Chinese autonomous driving company based in Guangzhou and California, received a driverless permit to test two passenger vehicles on California’s public roads in April, reported Reuters.

Dentist’s Incredible Act of Kindness for Teen Buying Car Comes From His Own ‘Humble Upbringing’


Hua Kuan knows what it’s like to work hard to reach a goal, deciding to pay it forward by giving a teen $1,000 back from a car purchase.

The 35-year-old dentist had listed his car for sale online after his friends had convinced him it was time for an upgrade. Kuan has a special history with the car, a major representation of his family’s history of struggle and hard work. The 2006 Acura TSX was a gift from his blue-collar worker parents for earning a full ride to UC Berkeley, NPR reported.

Tokyo Company’s Flying Car Successfully Lifts Off in Test Video

flying car

Tokyo-based company SkyDrive Inc. has been successful in lifting its flying car model off the ground with a driver inside.

The company first showed the successful test of the flying car model SD-03 on August 25 at the Toyota Field Test, according to the company website. A video showcasing the flying vehicle, which is called an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing or eVTOL, was posted on YouTube on August 28.

Woman Gets New Mercedes, 10-Year VIP Treatment and Trip to Germany After Viral Protest


The woman who conducted a “shameful” protest after exhausting negotiations with a Mercedes-Benz dealership in northwestern China over a defective purchase is now “satisfied” at the turnaround of events.

The customer, identified as Wang, finally reached a settlement with Xi’an Lizhixing Auto, which not only included a new car but also many other interesting perks.