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Dentist’s Incredible Act of Kindness for Teen Buying Car Comes From His Own ‘Humble Upbringing’


Hua Kuan knows what it’s like to work hard to reach a goal, deciding to pay it forward by giving a teen $1,000 back from a car purchase.

The 35-year-old dentist had listed his car for sale online after his friends had convinced him it was time for an upgrade. Kuan has a special history with the car, a major representation of his family’s history of struggle and hard work. The 2006 Acura TSX was a gift from his blue-collar worker parents for earning a full ride to UC Berkeley, NPR reported.

Tokyo Company’s Flying Car Successfully Lifts Off in Test Video

flying car

Tokyo-based company SkyDrive Inc. has been successful in lifting its flying car model off the ground with a driver inside.

The company first showed the successful test of the flying car model SD-03 on August 25 at the Toyota Field Test, according to the company website. A video showcasing the flying vehicle, which is called an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing or eVTOL, was posted on YouTube on August 28.

Woman Gets New Mercedes, 10-Year VIP Treatment and Trip to Germany After Viral Protest


The woman who conducted a “shameful” protest after exhausting negotiations with a Mercedes-Benz dealership in northwestern China over a defective purchase is now “satisfied” at the turnaround of events.

The customer, identified as Wang, finally reached a settlement with Xi’an Lizhixing Auto, which not only included a new car but also many other interesting perks.