Woman Gets New Mercedes, 10-Year VIP Treatment and Trip to Germany After Viral Protest

Woman Gets New Mercedes, 10-Year VIP Treatment and Trip to Germany After Viral ProtestWoman Gets New Mercedes, 10-Year VIP Treatment and Trip to Germany After Viral Protest
The woman who conducted 
The customer, identified as Wang, finally reached a settlement with Xi’an Lizhixing Auto, which not only included a new car but also many other interesting perks.
The viral consumer rights saga began on Mar. 27, when Wang purchased a CLS 300 coupe from Xi’an Lizhixing Auto for her upcoming 30th birthday.
To her dismay, the new sedan leaked oil less than a kilometer the first time she drove it.
Wang contacted the dealership to inform them of the leak.
At first, they promised her a new car, then offered a refund, and finally suggested a new engine.
Enraged at their offer, Wang staged a protest at the dealership’s showroom on Apr. 9, which has since gone viral on Chinese social media.
In the video, she is seen ranting about her plight and berating staff for her experience, as well as a “financial service fee” of 15,000 yuan ($2,240) that she had to pay.
Soon, local regulators heard of Wang’s situation and launched an investigation.
Both parties attempted to reach a settlement on Saturday — which happened to be Wang’s 30th birthday — but to no avail.
On Tuesday, the saga finally ended as Xi’an Lizhixing Auto agreed to give Wang a new car and refund the “financial service fee,” according to NetEase.
Additionally, she was offered a 10-year VIP service and a belated birthday celebration.
“I think everybody, whether it is a big company or an individual, has rights to have dialogue on an equal basis,” Wang told The Paper, according to the South China Morning Post.
“In the past, they did not treat me equally. Perhaps they thought they are a big company and I am just nobody.”
Mercedes-Benz representatives, who were present in the signing of the agreement, also offered Wang a trip to the company’s production base in Germany.
“I now receive so much attention from netizens. This result is probably not what I expected, but I’m satisfied with it,” Wang added.
A copy of the settlement
For now, Xi’an Lizhixing Auto has been suspended pending further investigation.
“If any practice of this dealer is found to be in violation of regulations or compliance rules, we will terminate its showroom license,” Mercedes-Benz said in a statement.
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