Video of Chinese man’s farewell ritual to first car goes viral

Video of Chinese man’s farewell ritual to first car goes viral
Iris Jung
April 20, 2023
A Chinese man performing a farewell ritual with a lit flame for his old car has gone viral in China.
Uploaded on April 8 by People’s Attention (@百姓关注) to Weibo, the short clip depicts a man named Wong in front of his car. Lighting a flame on a piece of paper, Wong kneels to bow down to the car repeatedly to honor it in preparation for replacing it with a new car.
Filmed by Wong’s wife, the original clip was reportedly recorded on April 6.
According to the video’s description, the ceremony is part of the man and his family’s farewell ritual for the car. Spending the past eight years with the vehicle, Wong’s wife shared that the car was purchased during a financially difficult time for the family. As their first car, it played a significant role in improving their livelihoods and mobility. 
“We love it very much,” Wang shared with Sohu News. “Thank you, car.”
Gaining 6.99 million views as of this writing, Weibo users commented their respect for Wang. 
“Know how to be grateful,” one user wrote in support. 
“My [car] has been with me for 12 years and I still treat her like my first love,” another commented. 
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