Video: Vietnamese dad hand-builds Audi Skysphere from wood for his daughter

Video: Vietnamese dad hand-builds Audi Skysphere from wood for his daughter
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Iris Jung
April 27, 2023
A Vietnamese dad has gone viral for a handmade wooden replica of an Audi concept car he made for his daughter. 
In a video posted to his YouTube channel on Sunday, the father, Dao Truong Van, is seen selecting Audi’s Skysphere, a yet-to-be-released electric concept car from the German luxury automaker, with his young daughter to build.
Within moments, Dao is hard at work cutting, sanding, shaping and hammering wooden blocks into place. No details miss the father’s eyes, who makes sure to include a miniature replica of the car’s steering wheel and glowing lights. 
After taking the completed car for a test drive, Dao adds a final touch of blue paint to complete the amazing transformation. 
Created with the “love of a father,” Dao and his children drive the mini Audi Skysphere down the street, with his daughter in his lap and his older son in the passenger side standing up and waving at the camera. 
Uploaded on Sunday, the video quickly went viral for Dao’s stunning woodworking and loving family, garnering over 180,000 views and 2,800 likes as of this writing. 
“Always more impressive than the previous one,” one user wrote in reference to Dao’s previous woodworking videos. “This is a truly unbelievable level of craftsmanship.”
“I hope many fathers get some inspiration from this channel, u don’t have to make a cool car like this, as long [as] u put all your heart and loves in whatever you make for your kids they will be happy and they will say ‘My dad is awesome,’” another user commented. 
This isn’t the first time Dao has gained recognition for his craftsmanship. 
Previously on his channel, which has over 2.3 million subscribers, Dao has gone viral with millions of views for building working replicas of luxury cars, tanks, steam engine trains and more.
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