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Lisa Ling talks aftermath of receiving death threats, what its like being a journalist covering anti-Asian hate

Lisa Ling docu-series Vincent Chin

Award-winning investigative journalist and CNN host Lisa Ling tackles a history of anti-Asian rhetoric in the U.S. while adding a personal lens on the hate she and her children have experienced during the pandemic in the first episode of the newest season of her docuseries, “This Is Life With Lisa Ling.”

Titled “The Legacy of Vincent Chin,” the episode opens on the surge of violence hitting the Asian American community since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 and the similarities it shares to the historic murder.

Sikh hikers use their turbans to save 2 men at risk of drowning in Canada waterfalls

Sikh hikers use turbans to save men Canada

Five hikers were walking along a trail in British Columbia, Canada, when they were alerted that two men had slipped off a rock and fallen into a pool just before the rapids below.

Quick thinking: On Oct. 11, Kuljinder Kinda, a Sikh electrician from Punjab, India, and his friends were hiking in Golden Ears Provincial Park when a group ahead told them to call for help, NBC News reported.

California auto shop fires employees for ‘blatant racism,’ joyride caught on dashcam

America's Tires employees caught being racist

An auto shop in Santa Clara, Calif., fired two employees who were caught damaging a customer’s vehicle while using a mock Asian accent.

The incident: On Sept. 10, a customer, who goes by the nickname “Bill,” went into America’s Tire to get the flat tires on his BMW Z4 replaced but found his car with a large crack in the windshield and a scratch on the hood, according to ABC 7 News.

‘Worker Lives Matter’ campaign challenges grueling ‘996’ corporate culture in China

996 culture

Disgruntled employees who’ve had enough of China’s hellish “996” culture are protesting against excessive work hours with a campaign called “Worker Lives Matter.”

No more: In order to combat 996, which stand for working from 9 a.m to 9 p.m. six days a week, anonymous Chinese office workers created and shared a spreadsheet called “WorkingTime” that allowed professionals to record their daily hours, number of workdays, job descriptions and lunch breaks, according to Bloomberg.

USC to officially apologize to Japanese American students blocked from receiving degrees during WWII

USC apology

Eighty years after an unjust dismissal from the University of Southern California (USC), the private university is searching for the 121 Japanese American Nisei students who were impeded from finishing their degrees and forced into concentration camps during WWII in order to grant them honorary degrees and apologize to them.

A long time coming: USC President Carol Folt will publicly apologize to the Nisei students from the 1941-1942 year for the actions of former USC president Rufus B. von KleinSmid, who was also later found to have ties to antisemitism, racism and the eugenics movement, according to the Los Angeles Times.

‘Let’s Eat’ will have you drooling over yu choy and braised pork — and also missing your parents

Let's Eat Anamon Studios indie short

An independent animation studio hopes you call your parents or guardians after watching its short, “Let’s Eat.”

Founded in 2016, Anamon Studios started as a dream shared between a trio of artists who wanted to shine a spotlight on authentic and underrepresented stories not yet seen in the animation industry. Its goal was to become an inclusive and diverse space to build camaraderie while serving as an incubator for budding creatives.

Michelin star chef is accused of plagiarizing a Singaporean nonya’s recipes and personal stories in cookbook

plagiarism in cookbook

A British Singaporean-born Michelin star chef is in hot water after a writer accused her of plagiarizing her cookbook.

The accuser: On Oct. 6, Singaporean and New York-based author Sharon Wee blasted out a statement across her social media platforms accusing Elizabeth Haigh’s debut 2021 cookbook “Makan: Recipes from the Heart of Singapore” of having striking similarities in recipes, personal family anecdotes and memories to her 2012 cookbook, “Growing Up in a Nonya Kitchen.”