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Why Elderly Asians Are Beating Up Racists in DC Comics’ New Superhero Anthology

When DC Comics released its first-ever action-packed and emotional 96-page anthology commemorating its Asian superheroes in May, I didn’t expect to see our elders kicking racists across the chest.

Featured in “DC Festival of Heroes” are 11 stories touching on topics that many Asian Americans, longtime fans or comic book rookies can relate to. Whether it’s a coming-of-age story for young heroes, diving into identity issues, feeling a need to assimilate, or dealing with microaggressions and racism, all touch on the importance of representation.

I Grew Up Watching the Monkey King on TVB, Now He Lives on in the DC Universe

Monkey King

Nerds, let us unite over the Monkey King because I never thought I’d see the day when DC Comics would accept perhaps the most legendary mythical figure in Chinese lore as canon in the DCU.

In February, Jessica Chen, a DC comics editor, posted a Lunar New Year greeting to the Facebook group, Subtle Asian Traits. It was there that I first heard of “DC Festival of Heroes” — the company’s first-ever Asian heroes anthology.

Friends Who Met on ‘Subtle Asian Mental Health’ Want to Make it Easier For You to Talk to Parents About Mental Health

A virtual team of Asian therapists, who met on Facebook, are offering tips on how to bridge the initial conversations with your Asian parents about mental health.

Founded by Christopher Vo, a marriage and family therapist based in Houston, the Asian Mental Health Collective (AMHC or the Collective) is the first mental health organization centering around the Asian community.

South Koreans Angrily Protest the Release of Brutal Child Rapist From Jail

Cho Doo-soon

Trigger Warning: The content of this article may upset survivors of rape and sexual assault.

An infamous South Korean child rapist reignited national outrage upon his prison release last Saturday.

The incident: Surrounded by protestors, journalists, and officers, Cho Doo-soon, 68, was escorted out of a Seoul prison where hundreds called for his castration, death, and expulsion from Ansan, according to The Straits Times.