‘You will have a better life if you wear impressive clothes’: Ambush founder talks fashion with Bella Poarch

‘You will have a better life if you wear impressive clothes’: Ambush founder talks fashion with Bella Poarch
Yoon Ahn and Bella Poarch Interview Magazine

December 9, 2021
A fashion designer and Tiktok sensation team up to talk about the best way to spend 24 hours in Tokyo, superpowers, “Animal Crossing,” clothing and the power of a spine-chilling scream.
Dynamic duo: Yoon Ahn, Korean American co-founder of contemporary unisex label Ambush, was interviewed by one of TikTok’s biggest stars Bella Poarch, who modeled Ahn’s Spring 2022 collection, for Interview’s Winter 2021 issue on Thursday.
  • The Seattle-born and Tokyo-based fashion designer said her favorite way to spend a day in the metropolitan city is roaming different districts, eating superb meals, bar-hopping, karaoke, dancing and crashing as the sun rises.
  • Preferred dining choice? “Uber Eats. Even Michelin-starred restaurants are available now.”
  • Ahn also talked about pop culture, how “Astro Boy” is one of her favorite anime and how she would choose to live in the peaceful world of “Animal Crossing.”
Garments galore: Ahn started Ambush in the 2008 with her husband, rapper Verbal, creating jewelry inspired by household items. It gained traction when Kanye West wore a “POW!” pendant from the label in the same year, and since then the high-end brand has continued to grow to include apparel and accessories worn by many celebrities.
  • The Filipina American singer and Ahn discussed the significance of fashion during which the designer referenced a quote from fashion mogul Vivienne Westwood about how it is “essential” and “life-enhancing.” 
  • “You will have a much better life if you wear impressive clothes,” she added.
  • When asked about how she got her start, Ahn cited a visit to a local public library where she found Vogue and other fashion magazines.
  • “From that point, I knew I wanted to move to New York to work as a graphic designer, but never thought I would be in the fashion industry. It seemed so far away from the suburb I grew up in, where I was the only Asian,” she said. “It’s funny how life turns out.”
  • Ahn’s own style is what she calls “sexy tomboy,” and she awaits the day that all things “spiky and spiked” come back into the trends.
  • On a stressful day, she will blast a horror movie, preferably with a lot of screams, on full volume to release stress while she works.
  • After the interview, Ahn wrote an Instagram post praising the TikTok star: “[Bella] is like when anime is programmed into a perfect AI replica of a human form, and her #TikTok clips are always too kawaii. But more than that, her glow-up story is definitely something straight out of a Disney movie.”
Featured Image via @yoon_ambush (left), @bellapoarch (right)
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