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Yale Museum surrenders 13 stolen South Asian artifacts worth over $1 million

Yale University Art Gallery
  • Yale University Art Gallery, the oldest art gallery in America, relinquished 13 South Asian artifacts worth over $1 million to Homeland Security and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as part of an investigation into infamous antiquities thief Subhash Kapoor.
  • Twelve of the artifacts are from India, with two reportedly having been stolen from a temple, and one is from Burma.
  • Nine were donated by the Rubin-Ladd Foundation, which may have donated to other museums linked to Kapoor in Ohio, Massachusetts and Honolulu.
  • Some of the items purportedly stolen include a statue of Kubera, a god of wealth, valued at $550,000, and a marble arch valued at $85,000.
  • Kapoor was a world-renowned art dealer but is now in prison in India for art theft crimes spanning 30 years and $145 million in stolen works from around the world. Some items in the investigation are reportedly still missing, while some are being returned to their respective provenances.

Yale University Art Gallery surrendered 13 South Asian artifacts thought to be worth more than $1 million to Homeland Security and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, as the pieces may be tied to an accused antiquities smuggler, Subhash Kapoor

While Homeland Security could not disclose the full parameters of their investigation, a statement released by them indicated that the pieces are “connected to either Subhash Kapoor or his overseas suppliers.” 

‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua Slams Allegations of Hosting Drunken Dinner Parties During Pandemic

Yale Law School professor Amy Chua, known for her 2011 book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” is defending herself against allegations of hosting drunken “dinner parties” in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The accusations emerged from unidentified students and alumni who spoke with the Yale Daily News, which resulted in her loss of leadership over a first-year “small group.”

‘It’s Political’: Critics Slam DOJ’s Claim That Yale Discriminates Against Asian Americans


Some experts have criticized the Department of Justice over its recent announcement that Yale University “illegally discriminates” against Asian American and White applicants, claiming that the move must be politically-motivated.

Last Thursday, the federal executive department released a report that accused the Ivy League institution of rejecting “scores of Asian American and white applicants each year based on their race,” in favor of African American, Hispanic and “certain other applicants.”

Yale University ‘Illegally Discriminates’ Asians and Whites in Admissions Process, According to DOJ

yale university

Following a two-year investigation into Yale University’s undergraduate admissions process, the Department of Justice has deemed the practice to be discriminatory toward Asian and White students.

The DOJ’s findings: The investigation, which was based on a complaint by Asian American groups against Yale over its undergrad admissions process in 2016, found on Thursday that the Ivy League school violated Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Yale Dean Who Called Restaurant Customers ‘White Trash’ on Yelp Forced to Quit

Dean June Chu of Yale University’s Pierson College, who was put on leave in May for calling people “white trash” in her Yelp reviews, has left her position.

“Dean Chu has left her position at Pierson College and wishes the best to the students,” Pierson Head Stephen Davis said in his email to students. “As a result, I am initiating the process of the search for a new dean, who will be in place before the start of the fall term.”

Yale Dean Placed on Leave for Calling People ‘White Trash’ in Brutal Yelp Reviews

Dean June Chu of Yale University’s Pierson College has been placed on leave following the outrage over the discovery of offensive reviews she wrote on Yelp, one of which degraded a local restaurant’s customers as “white trash” and “low class folks.”

Pierson Head Stephen Davis announced Chu’s leave through a college-wide email on Thursday, Breitbart reported. However, her long-term future with the Ivy League school was not discussed.

Yale Dean Under Fire For Her Brutal Yelp Reviews Aimed at White People

A dean at a residential college within Yale University has found herself embroiled in a controversy after her scathing Yelp reviews of local businesses in New Haven, Connecticut were exposed.

According to Yale Daily News, Pierson College Dean June Y. Chu published strongly-worded reviews of the establishments on her personal Yelp account that many Yale students have found offensive and distasteful.