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Seoul Milk apologizes for ad that portrays women as cows and has a voyeur trying to secretly film them

Seoul Milk Controversial Ad

Seoul Dairy Cooperative, Korea’s leading milk producer, apologized on Wednesday for its controversial ad that many social media users deemed inappropriate due to “sensual and perverted” imagery.

The video and reaction: The advertisement, released on Nov. 29, drew outrage in South Korea for its comparison of women to dairy cows and incorporating a voyeur with a camera. Meanwhile, the country continues to tackle “molka” crimes, which involve the use of cameras to surreptitiously and illegally film women in various states of undress, according to Korea Times.

Billionaire Uniqlo Founder Wants a Woman to Take His Job

Japanese fashion retail giant Uniqlo will likely have a female leader in the future, setting an example of a corporate shift from traditional gender roles that have typically left women under the glass ceiling.

Tadashi Yanai, founder and chief executive officer of Fast Retailing Co., which wholly owns Uniqlo, has expressed his preference for a female successor on Tuesday saying that the job is simply more suitable for a woman.

Indonesian Women Must Reportedly Pass ‘Two-Finger’ Vir‌g‌i‌n‌it‌‌y‌ Test Before Joining P‌‌o‌li‌c‌‌e


Women in Indonesia hoping to join the police force are reportedly subjected to a “two-finger” vi‌rg‌i‌ni‌t‌y test that supposedly proves they are “good girls.”

The test, which involves the insertion of two fingers into an applicant’s v‌ag‌in‌a, determines whether the hym‌en is still intact — a method long proven to be an inaccurate indicator of a woman’s vir‌gi‌nity.

Seoul Now Provides Free Sanitary Products to Women to Tackle ‘Period Poverty’

To tackle the problem that officials called “period poverty,” the Seoul Metropolitan Government recently launched a program that will give out free sanitary products to women around South Korea’s capital city.

The program, which is part of the city’s newly revised Gender Equality Basic Ordinance, was launched on October 8, Monday, according to its official press release.

Comedic Viral Video Warns Against the ‘Five White Guys Asian Women Encounter’

White guys who are into Asian women can be classified into five distinct types, according to a hilarious but insightful video that has become widely shared on Facebook.

Uploaded by Facebook page SeventhGrade, the nearly five-minute clip titled “The Five White Guys Asian Women Encounter” showed the types of men hitting on Asian women using their cringe-worthy pickup lines.