Comedic Viral Video Warns Against the ‘Five White Guys Asian Women Encounter’

Comedic Viral Video Warns Against the ‘Five White Guys Asian Women Encounter’
Ryan General
September 27, 2018
White guys who are into Asian women can be classified into five distinct types, according to a hilarious but insightful video that has become widely shared on Facebook.
Uploaded by Facebook page SeventhGrade, the nearly five-minute clip titled “The Five White Guys Asian Women Encounter” showed the types of men hitting on Asian women using their cringe-worthy pickup lines. 
In the clip, the men are classified as the following:
Too Into Asian Culture Guy” is seen trying to impress a Korean woman with his “knowledge on Asian culture” by appropriating Japanese culture.
“Never Been With an Asian Girl Before Guy” is quick to remind his date over and over again that he has “never been with an Asian girl before,” as if such statements should make the woman feel “special” by explaining his Asian fetish in a not-so-subtle way.
“The Woke Guy” is that guy who thinks they are being progressive just because they are into Asian women.
“The Gross Guy” is portrayed as a man who based his beliefs on stereotypes that Asian women are “submissive,” so asking her about it casually is okay.
“The Normal Guy” is shown to act normal at first before eventually revealing his similarly douchey behavior later.  
Netizens praised the comedy sketch as funny and accurate, with some sharing their own take on similar encounters with these types of men.
“‘I don’t see race’ is like the worst convo-starter ever. I hate it when people try to relate to me through race first instead of asking the questions you ask in getting to know someone,” one commenter wrote.
The video, which has since been viewed over 12,000 times on Facebook, is a brilliant collaboration between FilAm writer Allyn Pintal and comedy duo Chuck Maa and Geo Lee of SeventhGrade.
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