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China’s Chang’E 5 lunar lander is first in history to find water on the moon up close

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  • China’s Chang'E- 5 became the first lunar mission to detect water on the Moon’s surface in real time in 2020.
  • The craft’s onboard mineralogical spectrometer found up to 120 parts per million of water content in the regolith and 180 parts per million in a boulder.
  • The study revealing the findings was recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances.

China’s recent lunar sample return mission made history by becoming the first to detect water on the Moon’s surface in real time.

The Chang’E-5 probe, which landed on the Moon on Dec. 1, 2020, found water at its landing site in the Northern Oceanus Procellarum’s basin, according to recently published research in Science Advances.

British Man Claims to Survive Only On Air, Sunlight and Mints

A 38-year-old man from Birkenhead, U.K. claims to be a “breatharian,” or a practitioner of the belief that one can survive on nothing but air and sunlight, Mirror reported.

Khai Ho, a pizza delivery man, says he’s never felt hunger. In fact, thanks to his dedication to Hindu meditation, Ho can get by without food altogether, as he reportedly possesses the ability to absorb all the necessary nutrients for survival through air and sunlight alone.

Japanese Photographer Stuns Netizens By Creating a Real Dress Made of Water

Creating a dress made of water may require the aid of computers, but not for Japanese KAPPA_RYU, aptly named after a water imp, who uses practical effects to mold the liquid into the shape of a dress.

This photographer’s stunningly beautiful pictures did not require any digital wizardry, but only buckets of water. It did, however, take Kappa Ryu over a hundred attempts before he could capture the perfect shot, which was a three-person task, according to SoraNews24.

Local Hero Spends 36 Years Digging an Irrigation Channel For His Waterless Village in China

A dedicated Chinese farmer spent 36 years digging through three mountains and 10 hills using hand tools and explosives just so he could bring water to his remote village.

Huang Dafa built the six-mile passageway situated in southeastern Guizhou Province between 1958 and 1994. Villagers who were inspired by his vision also helped him finish his endeavor. Villagers named the six-mile irrigation channel, Dafa Channel in honor of Huang Dafa’s unrelenting passion for helping the village.

Design Student Invents Genius Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic Water Bottles

The dangers of using plastic is no secret — not only is it bad for your health, it’s also bad for the environment. According to the following excerpt by

“…the average time for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at least 450 years. It can even take some bottles 1000 years to biodegrade! That’s a long time for even the smallest bottle. 90% of bottles aren’t even recycled.