British Man Claims to Survive Only On Air, Sunlight and Mints

British Man Claims to Survive Only On Air, Sunlight and MintsBritish Man Claims to Survive Only On Air, Sunlight and Mints
A 38-year-old man from Birkenhead, U.K. claims to be a “breatharian,” or a practitioner of the belief that one can survive on nothing but air and sunlight,
Khai Ho, a pizza delivery man, says he’s never felt hunger. In fact, thanks to his dedication to Hindu meditation, Ho can get by without food altogether, as he reportedly possesses the ability to absorb all the necessary nutrients for survival through air and sunlight alone.
Ho does admit to eating mints or chewing gum every now and then, however, as his mouth tends to “get bitter” as a result of his extreme lifestyle.
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Ho, who weighs a healthy 182 lbs, credits the practice for improving his quality of life.
“It’s helped me become more conscious in life, more aware of my surroundings, and being more energetic,” Ho said. “I feel great; I feel so much energy that I can use for work delivering pizzas.”
He even claims it can help cure medical problems.
“I suffered from pain with a liver problem and that has now gone thanks to meditation and fasting. I now know how to heal the human body internally and naturally from many major diseases.”
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And while others are baffled as to how he manages to stay healthy, Ho finds himself wondering the opposite.
“People are thinking, ‘how do I do it?’ It’s like, I’m thinking, ‘how do youse do it, with eating and drinking and working?’ I would get tired of eating as I don’t feel the hunger to eat; I feel energetic always.”
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Breatharianism, or inedia, has its roots in ancient Hindu philosophy. Practitioners believe that prana, the vital life force in Hinduism, is sufficient to sustain human life, and that sunlight is the main source of prana. While practice of breatharianism still continues to this day (often with lethal consequences), it is considered by most to be a dangerous pseudoscience.
Ho, however, believes he’s living proof to the contrary.
“The people who don’t believe in breatharians they could just take a look at myself and they would see how I go on with my daily life, 365 days of the year, not eating or drinking. They could monitor me, be with me and I’m sure they’ll be surprised how I do it.”
“The advice is that men need 2,500 calories a day to survive but I have proven the experts wrong,” he said.
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